The Albuquerque City “Clown”-cil

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Albuquerque city leaders will be holding a meeting this evening to discuss city business, bond issues, and pressing matters regarding the Albuquerque Police Department.  This meeting should not be making national news, also, it should not be the second meeting in four days. On May 5th, what was on the council agenda was the approval and sale of a municipal bond, establishing a criminal penalty for violating the Albuquerque minimum wage ordinance, and two potential charter amendments to increase accountability of the Albuquerque Police Department regarding how the Chief of Police would be picked in the future;  either through election or by mayoral appointment pending city council approval.

This was to be normal council meeting discussing normal city business.   It was a packed house with a list of over fifty plus speakers.  In attendance were a girl scout troop, family members of individuals who had been shot and killed by Albuquerque police officers, the Chief of Police Gorden Eden,  and a large group of individuals, some of whom had been seen at recent anti-APD protests in the past 45 days.   There were American flags being held upside down, signs with pictures of dead loved ones,  and signs that the city of Albuquerque had seen during those protests.

However, beginning at one hour eight minutes and forty five seconds nothing about this meeting was normal.  In my opinion, the council should have planned for such chaos.


David Correia is an assistant Professor at UNM,  and the individual who sparked the take over of the city council chambers.   He is not a family member of one of the individuals shot by APD.  He does seem to be  cozy with Occupy New Mexico, the recent #OpAlbuquerque protesters, and  members of Anonymous.


David Correia was originally tweeting out information on the protests, the city council chaos under his UNM twitter account, but changed it on the 6th of May.  Gee, maybe UNM may want some distance from this guy.  Here are just a few.  Screenshots available if needed.


The meeting that will take place this evening will have new rules that I am sure the protesters wont agree with.  I would like to see debate instead of chaos.  I would hope to see resolutions instead of immature clownish behavior. However, with individuals fanning the flames, Occupy groups egging on the protesters, and Tweets such as the one below, I will guess things may not change in the City council circus anytime soon.

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