Olde Providence Elementary’s Activist PTA

Yesterday I reported on Olde Providence Elementary using their school’s front display sign to push teacher pay as well as sending home letters with students there on the topic calling for ‘action’ by parents.

Today, I have a follow-up. No, the Principal has not returned my request for comment. Another parent has forwarded me an email from the Olde Providence PTA which further pushes parents to act on teacher pay. The letter includes links to legislator emails and a template.  This email came from the President of the Olde Providence PTA, Mitzi Lynch.

Now, emailing parents directly I don’t really have any problem with. It’s a much better method than having our children ferry the work complaints of teachers home in their backpacks or using the schools main signage for a Moral Monday style slogan.  I wonder if Ms. Lynch is aware that the cost of implementing Common Core will kill any chance these teachers have at getting a raise? Probably not, since it looks like they’re using Common Core pushing MeckEd’s resources to craft these items.

By the way, Pundit House has picked up on the MeckEd/CMS activism. Read their post on it here.

Here’s the email below:

From: Olde Providence Elementary School <mclynch@bellsouth.net>
Date: May 8, 2014 10:19:32 PM EDT
Subject: 300 for 3% Sample Letter and Representative Links
Reply-To: mclynch@bellsouth.net

Feel free to customize the letter below and send to the representatives listed.  Help us reach our 300 for 3% goal!


    I am writing to ask you to support investments in public education, including increasing the salaries of all North Carolina teachers. Increasing teacher salary is a crucial first step to strengthening public education in North Carolina.  North Carolina’s average teacher salary is nearly $7,000 lower than the average teacher salary in our neighboring states and nearly $10,000 lower than the national average teacher salary.  Our teachers are working an average of 53 hours a week!  North Carolina teacher salaries are so low that it is hard for educators to raise a family, forcing too many exceptional teachers to leave the profession or the state.


     As a parent of a child at Olde Providence Elementary, I am thrilled with the education he has received, but more than 66%  OP staff members must work a 2nd  or 3rd job to make ends meet.  Our teachers, particularly those with one income are considering other options outside education to provide for themselves and family.

     Our students and our state need exceptional teachers.  I urge you to work with your colleagues in both parties to increase the base salary for all teachers and to support smart investments in public schools.  Taking these steps will elevate North Carolina public education, help our students succeed, and benefit our state for years to come.  Please let me know what actions you will take this year to support our teachers.




2014 Elected Officials – Contact Info

NC Senate

Phil Berger, Senate President Pro Tem               phil.berger@ncleg.net

Bob Rucho                                                      bob.rucho@ncleg.net

NC House

Thom Tillis, House Speaker                                thom.tillis@ncleg.net

Kelly Alexander                                                 Kelly.alexander@ncleg.net

Bill Brawley                                                       bill.brawley@ncleg.net

Rob Bryan                                                         rob.bryan@ncleg.net

Becky Carney                                                    becky.carney@ncleg.net

Tricia Cotham                                                    tricia.cotham@ncleg.net

Carla Cunningham                                             Carla.cunningham@ncleg.net

Beverly Earle                                                     beverly.earle@ncleg.net

Charlie Jeter                                                      Charles.jeter@ncleg.net

Rodney Moore                                                    Rodney.morre@ncleg.net

Ruth Samuelson                                                 ruth.samuelson@ncleg.net

Jacqueline Shaffer                                              Jacqueline.schaffer@ncleg.net

Mecklenburg County Commission

Pat Cotham                                     pat.cotham@mecklenburgcountync.gov

Kim Ratliff                                       kim.ratliff@mecklenburgcountync.gov

Trevor Fuller, Chair                          trevor.fuller@mecklenburgcountync.gov

Matthew Ridenhour                          matthew.ridenhour@mecklenburgcountync.gov 

Bill James                                        wjames@carolina.rr.com

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