About That Flier and Sen. Bingham…

Haymaker is reporting on a story about Senator Bingham allegedly being given fliers by the NCGOP.  The NC GOP denied they gave Bingham the flier. This was allegedly going on down in Davidson county (Senate District 33).

I read the linked article at Haymaker. I don’t think Bingham is doubling down that the GOP gave him the fliers, but rather on the information about the charges against his opponent, Eddie Gallimore.  I respect the Haymaker’s reporting, they’ve been doing this longer than me, but I just don’t see this as doubling down on the original story and I don’t see the evidence in general beyond a candidates claims that the NC GOP was giving fliers to anyone or violating their rules.

Just look at the NC GOP  action taken with Cabarrus county. That’s a pretty good piece of respecting rules. Pointing out the flaws in your opponents armor is not the same as giving out fliers. Your opponent is your opponent, even if they are of the same party. There are a lot of primaries this year and I think there have been a lot of shenanigans statewide – no one needs to create more than actually exists.

Sharon Myers of the Dispatch has a more recent update, wherein the flier has been demonstrated as paid for by Bingham, not the NC GOP, and in which Bingham apologizes and sets the record straight. Relevant section with emphasis added:

Todd Poole, executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party, said the party does not become involved with primary elections and according to its bylaws is required to stay out of these kinds of incidents.

“Our written rules tell us how to behave in a primary situation,” Poole said. “We are required to remain neutral. We want to make it abundantly clear that the North Carolina Republican Party is not responsible for the information Mr. Bingham is now using in campaign materials against his opponent, Mr. Gallimore. For any candidate or group to suggest otherwise is simply false.”

Bingham said he misspoke when he stated the information has come from the state organization and was made aware of the fact recently.

Bingham said he misspoke when he stated the information has come from the state organization and was made aware of the fact recently.

“I didn’t know that it didn’t come from them until (Friday) morning,” Bingham said. “All I knew was I didn’t work on it. Actually it came from some caucus members who worked on it on their own time and gave it to me. It is frustrating, and I apologize for the error. I would never have said anything if I had known.”

More apologizing on page 2:

Bingham said he is sorry for the misinformation, but said it was an honest mistake.

“It was caused because there were a lot of friends and caucus members who wanted to help,” Bingham said. “They were well meaning, and we all depend on each other. I apologize for the confusion.”


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