Tampon Earring Aficionado Joins Wake Forest Faculty

Tampon Earring Aficionado comes to the Tarheel state. Wake Forest has hired Melissa Harris-Perry. The description by the Provost really laid it on thick:

Melissa Harris-Perry is one of the nation’s foremost intellectuals publicly exploring—and thoughtfully influencing—the intersections of politics, race, gender, religion and culture,” said Wake Forest Provost Rogan Kersh. “We are delighted that she has chosen to come home to Wake Forest and help ignite in our students the passion she has for contemporary political issues and social justice.”

“One of the nation’s Foremost Intellectuals”… yeah, right. What just happened is that MSNBC lost a race-baiting, pot stirring talking head with a penchant for Orwellian speak with regards other people’s children and Wake Forest gained an indoctrination Diva.

Social Justice.  All our kids are belong to us. Mocking Romney’s grandchild. Really thought-provoking stuff there. Newsflash, 1984 was not a “How To” manual. I don’t care how many degrees she lists behind her name. She’s a hack. Period. The End.

So, if Harris-Perry is one of the nation’s foremost intellectuals, surely Wake Forest has to be considering hiring others.

UPDATE: Melissa Harris-Perry: Is Eric Holder The ‘Obama We’ve Been Waiting For?’

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