When A Logistics Expert Tells A Lie Big Enough

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By A.P. Dillon

What happens if you throw a social justice movement and no one comes? More specifically, what happens when the citizens of the state in which you’re pushing this movement have tuned you out?

You get the normal sized, lackluster Moral Monday crowd like this one in Fayetteville:

It sounded like part revival, and part rally. Barber used the occasion to give state lawmakers a tongue lashing. “We are not dealing with Republicans,” said Barber. “It’s not about Republicans or Democrats. It’s about extremist trying to hijack this state.”

The crowd of 200 to 300 may have been small, but spirits were high. There were a lot of teachers and educators in the crowd, who are angry at state legislators.  Via Abc11

200-300 was generous. I saw the report on television by ABC 11 and Time Warner news was likely more accurate with ‘more than a hundred’.  You see, this is what a Moral Monday really looks like when you aren’t busing in people from other states or astroturfing it with Unions.  Regarding the line about teachers and educators – how dare Governor McCrory actually fulfill one of their main requests?

This is what Moral Monday looks like in Florida — mostly unions:

 Reminder: Organize the South Or Die!

There is a related piece in the FayObserver with a picture from this particular Moral Monday who is holding a sign that says ‘Get Big Money Out Of Politics’.  That sign probably only means get money out of Republican politics, since the top donors over the last twenty years have given overwhelmingly to Democrats.


The Crowd Estimate Lie And Media Repetition

I’m surprised they even estimated given the “logistics expert” debacle that came out of the Moral March held on February 8th; see my article, Moral March Recap. USA Today was forced to correct the ludicrous estimate from the NAACP’s “logistics expert” that touted 80-100k had shown up when fellow blogger SisterToldjah made an inquiry. As it turns out, the USA Today writer simply plucked that number from a tweet made by the Moral March leader, Reverend Barber, then put it in their article without attribution.

Just for fun, let’s try a comparison.  Here’s a crowd shot from the march. Below is a shot of the on campus basketball record-breaking crowd in the Carrier Dome at over 34K during the recent SU vs Duke game. The crowd estimate NC NAACP wants you to believe is around three times that? Bullpucky.

The official attendance was 35,446. For even more perspective, there’s another shot of that crowd here.  GO ORANGE!


So The Media Repeated Big Lie? What Was The Real Number?

Yes. None of them vetted that number the day of and instead, repeated the claim. That includes the national outlet, USA Today. Sister Toldjah had question them to get USA Today to correct it. That’s your media, folks. The real number was probably about 14-15k according to Stephen Doig and Butch Street, who were brought in to check out the 80-100k claim.  In other words, no bigger than one of the larger HK on J marches — only they had to bus them in from other states. One could read more about that debunking if it weren’t conveniently still behind the News and Observer pay wall.

“Logistics Expert”

So who is the “logistics expert”? Peter Anlyan, the founder of Anlyan Consulting.  Was he using Common Core math to get that ridiculous estimate? One has to wonder. Anlyan, as it turns out has strong ties to Jim Goodmon, whose charity organization funneled money to the ‘attack memo’ distributor BlueprintNC which was spawned by NC Justice Center. Convenient!

So why does this crowd size matter?  It should matter to everyone that the 2014 HK on J/Moral March was mostly people imported from other states – yet the media present chose not to show that aspect. It shows this ‘movement’ lacks the enthusiasm from the majority of North Carolinians and that who is showing up are the far Left groups and their union friends. They do not represent North Carolina. They are a well-funded, small but loud minority attempting to make themselves seem larger and broader than they really are– and failing.

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