Possible Pittman Challenger? Is She ‘Hair’ Apparent?

A rumor flew across Facebook and landed in my inbox last night. Apparently, a lady named Leigh Thomas Brown is claiming she’s going to challenge Larry Pittman for his NC House seat in District 82. Will she be the ‘Hair Apparent’?

Leigh Brown - The Hair 2 - Cabarrus - Fake Republican


Sorry, bad pun…just couldn’t help myself. Admit it, that’s some serious hair.

Back to Brown vs. Pittman. Said rumor was confirmed both on Brown’s own Facebook page and at the Independent Tribune:

CONCORD, N.C. — Harrisburg businesswoman Leigh Brown said she plans to challenge N.C. House District 82 Rep. Larry Pittman in the May 6 Republican primary.

Brown, who owns the Harrisburg real estate company Leigh Brown & Associates, said she is fed up with legislation coming out of Raleigh that she feels is hampering teachers.

“I am not a politician by trade. With that being said I am putting my pearls in the ring, primarily because I’ve got two children in public schools and I am very, very concerned about what’s happening to public education,” Brown said.

“What’s coming down on the local schools is coming from the legislative level, so I am not going to sit back and fuss about it,” she said. “I will go do everything I can to help get the ship righted.”

One would think this woman was a Moral Monday Democrat from that opening statement, but in fact, the Board of Elections shows her public voting registration record as a Republican. Although, she calls herself a “DemoPublicanRepubliCrat”.

FB Post - Leigh Thomas Brown

Wow. Decisive.

In the Independent Tribune article, Brown also went on to complain about Senator Berger’s Read to Achieve program, which some in recent days have labeled ‘Common Core Lite’.  I haven’t seen her mention it once and yeah, I looked.

Pittman has been a strong supporter of removing Common Core and the voters in his district know that. They’re fighting alongside with him.  Not sure Brown will win any friends by attacking Berger’s signature piece like that, but hey.

Again from the Independent Tribune:

That program “is unnecessarily stressing out our third graders and our third-grade teachers and parents with threats of summer school and holding children back on a test that has not been vetted,” Brown said. “And we’ve got people in a panic. These children are 9 years old. They should be receiving a well-rounded education, not learning how to take some test that nobody really knows what it’s going to look like.”

Brown made no mention of Common Core at all, which is the biggest threat and point of stress in our schools for teachers and students alike.  The article wrapped with this:

She said her background has prepared her to represent Cabarrus County in the General Assembly.

“I’m a renegade, I have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I like to figure out solutions and then go chase them,” she said.

She’s a renegade alright, with a penchant for wacky witch hats and a half-assed run for Governor in 2011 complete with a half-assed twitter account.

She’s also so ‘dedicated to education’ that she couldn’t file a charter school letter on time:

The letter of intent for The Bonnie Cone Academy was submitted by Eddie Goodall, executive director of the NC Public Charter Schools Association, who said that he will not be affiliated with the school if it is later approved. NC Public Charter Schools Association also does not approve charter school applications, so there is not a conflict of interest, he said.

Goodall said he filed the letter on behalf of Leigh Brown. He had talked to Brown about starting a charter school, and Brown was unable to get to Raleigh to file the letter on time, Goodall said.    – Hickory Record

I’m sure that disappointed Sen. Fletcher Hartsell. We’ll see how much when campaign contributions start coming in for Brown. Having pals with big wallets like the Chamber of Commerce helps. Really helps play up how in touch one is with the little people too.

Folks will surely find her donation siteor not. It’s hosted on Piryx? Never heard of it until just now, seriously.

By the way, Brown seems to be a fan of SocialCam.com — watch a few of her rants (before she deletes them once this posts) on achieving ‘bipartisan peace‘, Bank of America Sucks. Safe to say no Bank of America execs will be giving her a donation, eh? No worries, she’s a realtor selling big houses for big commissions, I am sure she can wrangle up some cash on her own. Brown definitely has the money to throw at the Realtor PAC according to the NCBOE, which in turn throws their money right at Kay Hagan.

There’s also the one that was probably as confusing to make as it was to watch about her Mayor and Chick-fil-a.  When it comes to the whole Chick-Fil-A bit, Brown could take some notes from a few friends of mine:

THAT is how you do it.

We’ll see what February brings for Leigh Brown…and her hair.

Leigh Thomas Brown - Facebook



Realtor responds to liberals: ‘I will advertise wherever I damn well please’. Uh oh. Another demographic out.


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3 Responses to Possible Pittman Challenger? Is She ‘Hair’ Apparent?

  1. Archie Brightwell says:

    what a lovely smile! I love real estate people and their glammor shots photos.
    She could tear up an ear of corn with those teeth.


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  3. Tracy Bengtson says:

    If Ms. Brown were truly concerned about “what’s happening to public education”, she would be well aware that Representative Larry Pittman, whom she challenges in only his first full term, is actually representing her concerns now and doing something about them. Rep. Pittman introduced the bill to end Common Core in NC, which was rolled into a study bill. The resulting study committee, of which he is a member, is now in process of hearing testimony on Common Core.

    Because the study committee will not hear public comment until at least this summer, Rep. Pittman is hosting a Common Core Town Hall on February 13, in Concord, so he can take the public’s concerns back to the General Assembly.

    Rep. Pittman is also fearless in working for our 2nd amendment rights. Grassroots NC awarded Larry with the Courage in Government Award last August, calling him a “legislative superhero”, noting that we need more like him. The voters of the 82nd district, and across the state, couldn’t agree more.

    Most importantly, Larry is a pro-life hero for his efforts to protect the most innocent and vulnerable.

    If Ms. Brown truly wanted to get the “ship righted”, she would stand with Grassroots NC and with Rep. Pittman’s constituents. She would support Larry and work to get more “legislative superheros” like him in office, rather than working against him. We need help replacing those elected officials who actually promote the policies that are harming education and eroding our rights, rather than having to waste resources to protect one of the most courageous politicians we have. We welcome her help in that effort.

    Seeing that she ran against Governor McCrory (as an Independent) in 2012 and started a run for NC Senate before being persuaded to switch to NC House, apparently just yesterday, it’s hard to believe she has the children’s best interests at heart. I hope she will realize the situation she has been put in and will join the people of the district, rather than work against us.


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