McCory on NC Spin: Medicaid, Unemployment and Common Core

Governor McCrory was on NCspin recently. The conversation covered  a number of topics from unemployment to Medicaid to education.

McCrory opened up the conversation by stating that when he came in North Carolina was in a crisis with the 3rd largest unemployment rate in the country, NC owed the federal government $2.6 billion due to unemployment and over-runs on Medicaid were over $500 million.  He also added NC was in the top 5 for unemployment and a year later, we are not even in the top 25. Moral Monday slamming NC as having “regressive policies” for business clearly taking a hit.

I’ve got some comments on the various topics after the video below. I hit Common Core the hardest, because this Governor needs to wake up and see the mounting dissent. We are not going away. This will be a ballot box issue this year and in the coming years if something is not done about it – count on that.

Here’s the full interview:

Of note:

6 minute mark – McCrory discusses problems with Medicaid and turnover rate at DHHS. The point was made it was a complicated program and McCrory inherited the 2 main programs being run.  Tthe comment was made that Aldona Wos has a target on her back. She can thank Blueprint NC for that.

10 minute mark – relationship with the media. It was noted that the media has attacked and disparaged McCrory more than any other governor he can remember. McCrory was asked what that can be attributed to and he responded there were some ‘well paid and well-coordinated criticism” from day one.  McCrory doesn’t mention it by name but made reference to a document sent out to various groups coordinating said attacks. “I’m even the cookie monster” — a reference to offering cookies to protesters outside the governor’s mansion the left tried to blow out of proportion. Again, thank Blueprint NC and their attack memo circulated to liberal groups in the state; most of which make up Moral Mondays.

12:51 minute mark –  Around this point, Common Core and how Lt. Governor Forest opposes it  was brought up and hits McCrory on being a strong supporter of it.  McCrory’s response was weak at best stating that Common Core emphasizes math, reading and science at its core. McCrory said he wants high standards and implied Common Core has that. Without a doubt, the Common Core DOES NOT. Not even close.

On testing, McCrory parroted the DPI talking points. McCrory said the tests were “honest feedback” on what students were accomplishing. I would invite the Governor to read this article I did on the EOC testing results.  He then turns and starts talking about attracting industry to the area and how we have to have ‘qualified’ labor.

Let me say this about “qualified labor”, the Governor’s position and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS):

CCSS’s stated goal of “college readiness” is defined as “prepared to enter non-selective community colleges.”  To be clear, the CCSS is designed to allow the middle 40% of 11th graders to enroll in a credit bearing course at a “non-selective college”; Non-selective meaning an institution that accepts all applicants.   Even the main writer of the math standards, Jason Zimba, says Common Core alone will NOT get kids where they need to be. This is not raising standards. This is teaching to the middle.

Dear Governor, listen to your Lt. Governor. Common Core does not make kids ready for college and it does not support STEM career or education paths. The English Language portion (ELA) is age/developmentally inappropriate at the early levels of K-3 and gets watered down every year after that with the increased use of “informational texts” over traditional literature.

Teachers were given little to no training, they had to find curriculum to match it on their own, many are upset that they are being forced to teach something they know the children can’t do, they’re mad about the canned scripts they have to use, the data entry/testing is ridiculous and they are facing increased workloads and stress because of it. I didn’t even get into how much this thing is going to cost the NC taxpayer, which will eat into any increases you intend to give teachers.

You are doing NO FAVORS to teachers or students by standing by the Common Core.

Our governor should be paying attention to what is going on in NY state over Common Core. Parents and educators have held forum after forum slamming it, they are protesting and now a teachers union (NYSUT) is calling for a no confidence vote in their Education Commissioner John King.  There are even cases of what is being called ‘Common Core Syndrome‘ showing up in NY. This is serious.  Governor Cuomo, among others, is trying to distance and downplay his involvement in Common Core. He’s going to get hammered for it.

Pay attention. Common Core is not what they told you it would be.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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