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Not All Teachers Love Common Core…

This article by Lindsey Layton up at the Washington Post, Teachers union convention opens, Common Core on table, is very telling. The opening 2 paragraphs lay out a real narrative changer:

“In response to teachers who are uneasy with the Common Core State Standards, a major teachers union is offering to underwrite projects crafted by teachers to improve the math and reading standards.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, is expected to announce Friday that the union will give up to five grants worth as much as $30,000 to teachers for projects aimed at reforming the standards.”

Wait, what? We’ve been told over and over by supporters that all teacher love the Common Core. Continue reading

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NEA Calls For Arne Duncan To Resign

Well, it appears the California Teachers Association has possibly forced the latest resolution demanding Arne Duncan Resign at this year’s July 4th NEA meeting. Resolutions calling for Duncan to resign have happened before and did not pass.

The resolution is likely a move stemming from the Vergara decision, which in a nutshell said that California teacher tenure, firing and disciplinary procedures violate children’s right to an adequate education. Statements from California Teachers Asssociation’s President seem to back that theory up: Continue reading

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