Orange County Teacher Threatens to Shoot up Elementary and ‘Sex Room’ is Exposed in a Durham High School

A now-former Orange County Public Schools teacher has been arrested for making threats to ‘shoot up’ the elementary school she worked at. Meanwhile, the existence of an alleged ‘sex room’ was exposed at a Durham High School.

Kristen Michelle Thompson, age 38, is charged with communicating a threat of mass violence, which is a Class H Felony thanks to a law passed in 2018.  Class H felonies carry sentences of 4 to 25 months.

Thompson resigned last Friday without any warning from Pathways Elementary School in Hillsborough, law enforcement officials said.  Any listing or information about Thompson has been scrubbed from the school’s website.

An investigation was launched after Thompson resigned based on reports from teachers at Pathways that said she had made threats to ‘shoot up’ the school.

Warrant documents containing statements from coworkers at the school state that “While they were having lunch Kristen Thompson came in and stated that ‘If I send a message that says the squash is ripe, then get out cause I’m going to shoot the school up.”

Thompson was arrested the following Tuesday, May 21 and she was released the same day on a $1,000 secured bond.

Just last week, an 18-year-old Gaston High school student Jacob Rhyne was arrested on the same charge. Rhyne, however, is being held on a $1 million bond.

Kristen Thompson holds a North Carolina teaching license in the areas of “Learning Disabled K-12,” “Exceptional Children: General Curriculum (K-12),” and “Mentally Disabled (K-12).” The license was issued in 2015 and expires in June of 2020 unless revoked.

Pathways Elementary has been rated a “C” school for at least the last 5 years according to the NC School Report Card website.

Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in a statement that “this situation is also being dealt with by school leadership as a personnel issue as well as a safety one.  Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 919-245-2900.

“Sex Room” Exposed at Riverside High School

According to a report by ABC11, a room at Riverside High School in Durham was being used by students to have sex and that court documents showed the administrator was aware of it.

ABC11 reported that a female student told a school resource officer that she had a fight with a boy over a video of the two having sex, that the sex act with the boy was filmed against her will and that the boy was sharing it with other students.

What’s more, the boy had apparently uploaded it to Instagram while the act was happening and his followers watched it live.

According to ABC11, “The SRO spoke with an administrator at the school who claims he had either known, or found out that students were using a classroom to have sex.”

Like Pathways Elementary, Riverside High has also been rated a “C” school for at least the last 5 years.

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