Lincoln Principal Charged With Assault on Student

The principal of an elementary school in Lincoln County, North Carolina has been charged with assaulting a student.

Patrick Mitchell Nelson - Lincoln - Quiet Epidemic

Patrick Mitchell Nelson

Patrick Mitchell Nelson, principal of Union Elementary, has been charged with the misdemeanor assault on a child under the age of 12 years old. He was given a $500 unsecured bond for the charges.

According to the police reports, a student being disciplined for behavior issues allegedly ran out of Nelson’s office and as the child did so, Nelson grabbed the child by the collar.

Grabbing the child in such a manner causing the boy to fall. Nelson allegedly then dragged the child back into his office.

The alleged incident took place on November 30th.

This is Nelson’s first year as principal of Union Elementary. Prior to serving at Union, Nelson was part of the administration of Newton-Conover City Schools.

Previously, he had served as principal of Newton-Conover Middle School and Shuford Elementary in Catawba County.

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  1. bill589 says:

    In 1970 in fourth grade I was making interrupting noises in reading group in the back of the classroom. My teacher kicked me in the shin and told me to knock it off.

    When I got home, my father was reading the newspaper. I told him about the incident, he lowered the paper, thought for a moment, and then said, “Well stop making noises in reading group.” And then he started reading the paper again. Problem solved!


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