MoMo Without The Mojo: June 4th Poor People’s Campaign Mugshots

MoMo without the Mojo was back again this week. Per usual, I have the mugshots.

Quick recap:
Bully Barber started up his own version of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Poor People’s Campaign’ last year.  It’s just Moral Monday, renamed.

In May, the new MoMo without the Mojo started hitting the legislature and, of course, getting arrested. (MoMo is Moral Monday for short.)

There have been four events now, including the one this past week.  (May 14, May 21, May 29th.)

I decided to start keeping track on May 29th. Here’s that batch so you can play catch-up: MoMo Without The Mojo: 5/29 Poor People’s Campaign Protest Mugshots

And now that we’re caught up, here are the new ones. This last batch on June 4th brings the total to 51 citations and 38 arrests.

060418 PPC 1 MoMo Poor People's Campaign

060418 PPC 2 MoMo Poor People's Campaign



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  3. dberwyn says:

    How many are from out of state?


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