Union County Teacher Charged with 16 Felonies, Including 4 Counts Of “Crimes Against Nature.”

A Union County middle school teacher has been charged by law enforcement with 16 sex-related felony charges, including four counts of “crimes against nature.”

Daniel Wade Stanford - Union - Quiet Epidemic

Daniel Wade Stanford

Daniel Wade Stanford, age 35, faces four counts of indecent liberties with a child, four counts of indecent liberties with a student, four counts of statutory sex offense and four counts of crimes against nature.

A crimes against nature charge usually requires an act of penetration and usually indicates sodomy or bestiality, however, it can in some cases refer to oral sex.

According to the Union County Sheriff’s Office, Stanford was arrested by deputies last Friday.

The charges stem from incidents which occurred sometime during 2014 and 2015.

Stanford was a 5th-grade social studies teacher at Parkwood Middle School in Union County. School officials indicated Stanford has resigned his position.

Under state law, Stanford was obligated to give 30 days notice before resigning and that the district must notify the state board:

“If a teacher’s criminal history is relevant to the teacher’s resignation, regardless of whether the teacher has given at least 30 days’ notice, the board shall report to the State Board of Education the reason for an employee’s resignation.

According to a report by WNCN, the school knew about issues with Stanford but ‘did nothing’ and “swept it under the rug.”

“My child came to me concerned several times about a teacher saying and doing inappropriate things,” she said. “So I told school authorities the kids were with him and it was secretive. They weren’t allowed to tell anybody. He would call them, ‘little boy…little boy don’t make me mad.'”

She says that was March 2017 and the school did nothing about it.

“They swept it under the rug,” she added.

Parkwood Middle’s principal sent the following message to parents:

“Good evening parents, this Dr. Jeff Kraftson calling with an important message. As you may have heard, former Parkwood Middle teacher, Mr. Stanford, was arrested and charged with several crimes. I know many of you have questions about this case, but because this is an active investigation with the Union County Sheriff’s Office and a personnel matter, I am not at liberty to share any details or answer questions about the case.

School staff is working with law enforcement on this investigation. I want you to know that keeping our students safe and the social and emotional health of each child at Parkwood Middle is extremely important to our staff. As we work through this situation, there will be additional counselors at our school to support students. If you have concerns, please share information with counselors or school administrators. Thank you for your cooperation.”

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