Lawfare Over Illegal Immigrant Children In NC Schools

The Obama administration’s lawlessness regarding our border security resulted in a tidal wave of illegals coming over our Southern border. The Obama administration then parceled these illegal immigrants out to the states; including many children.

On behalf of these illegal kids, the Left of the Left are stepping up integration efforts via complaints to the DOJ. This is a likely overture to impending lawfare.

In a letter last week, the civil rights groups said that the state Department of Public Instruction has given conflicting information to school districts on how to register children who’ve been relocated to North Carolina after having been detained at the nation’s southern border. The groups are asking the U.S. Justice Department to make sure that the state’s school districts don’t use admissions policies that keep the immigrants from getting a public education.

The request comes as Gov. Pat McCrory and other Republican governors have questioned the Obama administration’s handling of the roughly 66,000 unaccompanied children who were detained at the border. Last month, McCrory said he wanted more information about the children being placed in the state.

Some county governments – such as Brunswick, Rowan and Surry – have passed resolutions asking that the federal government not relocate any unaccompanied children to their counties. In response, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Legal Services of Southern Piedmont, N.C. Justice Center and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice appealed to the Justice Department in a letter last week .

“In the wake of the North Carolina Governor and other public officials’ letter to the President expressing fear that a significant number of unaccompanied immigrant children ‘will end up using the public schools,’ and the NC DPI’s dilution of guidance to school districts, we ask that your agency take immediate action,” the groups wrote.

The new letter is a supplement to a federal civil rights complaint filed in February contending that the school systems in Buncombe and Union counties had discriminated against unaccompanied children by denying, delaying or discouraging enrollment. – News and Observer

North Carolina has allegedly received over 1,400 of these illegal kids.  News and Observer lists 1,429 illegal kids in their article and that is  “including 488 in Mecklenburg County, 170 in Wake County and 157 in Durham County.

Shocker two of the largest and most liberally controlled districts got the lion’s share.

Multiple letters have come out of the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) on how to handle the situation of enrolling illegal kids.  These letters, which came from State Superintendent June Atkinson, have created more confusion. I know what you’re thinking, ‘DPI bungling an issue and creating confusion? Say it isn’t so!’

“Any school district in the state that is faced with the prospect of enrolling an unaccompanied minor relies on DPI to provide them guidance and in this case, DPI provided more confusion rather than insight into the state and federal requirements for educating that population of students,” said Terry Stoops, director of education studies for the John Locke Foundation. – News and Observer

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  1. ItsEric says:

    One has to wonder how the schools are handling proof of vaccinations or should I say the lack there of? This is a public health issue and we should be very concerned for the sake of the illegal children and our own to ensure they are properly immunized.


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