#DNCLeaks: Roy Cooper, Goldman Sachs and Big Donors

Cooper IconWikiLeak’s DNC email leaks have a North Carolina connection.   Attorney General and Democrat candidate for Governor, Roy Cooper, is mentioned in several of the leaked DNC emails.

One such email is about a meeting Cooper allegedly was setting up with unnamed Goldman Sachs officials. The email in question was sent from Will Little (William E. Little, Jr.) of George Little Management Company to Joshua Block, Financial Advisor at Goldman Sach.

Text of the email:

To: joshua.block@gs.com
Date: 2016-05-03 16:39
Subject: Meeting with A G Roy Cooper

Hello, Josh, In speaking with my friend, Zach Allen, who is arranging for Jeff and me to meet with Roy Cooper next Tuesday, Zach mentioned that Roy will be coming to Goldman headquarters next Wednesday, and thought he might be able to arrange for you to meet him there, rather than your having to come up to the Regency the day before. By copy of this email to Zach, he will be able to contact you in order to effectuate such a meeting.



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The email refers to “Jeff”, which is apparently William Little’s brother, George.  An article by the  NY Times confirms that George Little is often referred to as ‘Jeff’; emphasis added:

“Today, in White Plains, his grandsons William E. Little Jr. and George F. Little 2d, known as Jeff, are chairman and president, respectively, of George Little Management, a company their grandfather founded more than 70 years ago. It is the largest organizer of trade shows for consumer goods in the country.”

William Little is mentioned in another of the DNC Leaks in an email titled “MAX OUTS“, which perhaps refers to donors who have ‘maxed out’ in contributions.

In 2012, William Little landed in the number nine slot for Super PAC donors to President Obama’s re-election campaign with $150,000.

Roy Cooper’s 2nd Quarter financials show that William E. Little Jr. has given Cooper $3,000 overall and his brother, George Little, has contributed $1,000.  Two donations occurred after the date of the DNC leaked email.

The dates of the donations and amounts are as follows: 04-26-16 William E. Little Jr., $1,000, 05-18-16 George Little, $1,000, 06-24-16 William E. Little Jr., $2,000

While the exact date of the Cooper/Goldman Sachs/Little meeting is unknown, second quarter filings show expenditures made by the Cooper campaign in the New York City area after the date of the DNC leaked email between Little and Block:

Operating Expense, Travel, Fundraising, Check, $45.41

Operating Expense, Meals, Other, Check, $174.83

There was a lone response to the email between Little and Block in the DNC Leaks repository, wherein Block acknowledged receipt and asks for Zach Allen’s input on ‘next steps’.

Zach Allen runs a company called TIPAH Consulting, which appears to be an event coordinating company formed in 2013.  The company has no web presence yet the DNC Leak emails are littered with of  his company’s name, as well as his own name.

This saturation of Allen and his company throughout the DNC Leaks is likely due to Allen being the former Finance Director for the Democrat National Committee.

According to Open Secrets,  TIPAH is a top ten vendor garnering over $88,000 dollars in contracts from PACS in 2016 alone. In the 2016 cycle, TIPAH has raked in $234,638 with the lion’s share coming from the DNC Services Corp.

TIPAH also appears to share the same address as MMW, another public relations/event outfit run by Michael Kempner. Kemper has close ties to the White House.  In January 2014, President Obama nominated Kempner to the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees federally controlled outlets that operate overseas.

Kempner is apparently the current Deputy Finance Director for the DNC. Zach Allen is the New York & Tri-State finance director for the DNC. Both Kempner and Allen report to Jordan Kaplan, National DNC Finance Director.

MMW was hired by former Democratic Congressman, Anthony Weiner, do to damage control after tweets of sexual nature sent by Weiner under the alias ‘Carlos Danger’ were exposed by the late Andrew Breitbart.

According to Politico, Zach Allen became engaged to Josh Barro in 2015, citing having met at a Human Rights Campaign dinner in 2013.

ENGAGED – The Upshot’s Josh Barro to Zach Allen, a Democratic fundraiser and Obama alum, last week in Paris. They met at the Human Rights Campaign national dinner in DC in October 2013. Pic http://bit.ly/1KaYwpX

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was involved in the writing of the Charlotte ordinance, which barred single sex facilities both private and public inside the Charlotte city limits. The HRC is currently coordinating business to attack on North Carolina’s House Bill 2 and state leaders like Governor Pat McCrory, who is running for re-election against Roy Cooper.

Barro was a NY Times contributor at an offshoot of the publication called “Upshot”.  Per Politico, Barro left the venture after less than a year and returned to Business Insider. According to his Wikipedia page, he ” identifies as neoliberal and Republican”.

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