BLM, Far Left Organizations Protest Durham Police [Storify]

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Attendance was hard to gauge, but it appeared that between 100 to 150 people showed up.
Bree Newsome, of SC flag pole climbing fame, was spotted at one point.

Most of the people in the audience appeared to be affiliated with one or more of the organizations who appeared to have had representatives in attendance:

Black Lives Matter
BYP 100
Durham Beyond Policing
Durham People’s Alliance
Durham Solidarity Center
Fostering Alternative Drug Enforcement Coalition (FADE)
Inside-Outside Alliance
Moral Monday’s “NC Vote Defenders”
Occupy Chapel Hill
Occupy Durham
Spirit House
Workers World Party+

READ THE REST, see “skit” demonizing police and mocking Governor McCrory: BLM, Far Left Organizations Protest Durham Police


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  1. bydesign001 says:

    There is plenty for these anti-police Marxist to be angry about OTHER THAN a $71 million police headquarters. Suggest they look closer to home, i.e., within their own walls.

    Quite interesting, the post and Storify. I like the way it aggregates content.


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