Corruption In The 8th District of NC Dem Party?

*This article has been updated. Full list at the bottom of the article.*

One has to wonder what is going on in the Democrats 8th congressional district when the Democrats in that district seek me out to help them.

Local Democrats are using words like ‘mystery’, ‘corruption’ and ‘criminality’ in the 8th district, which centers around 21-year-old Dylan Frick, who was made Chairman of that district this year.

Apparently, there have been 3 complaints filed against Frick by members of his district. Two when he served as Vice Chair in 2014 and one requesting his removal as 8th district Chairman in 2015, signed by no less than 22 local Democrats.

All of the complaints were dismissed by state Democratic party officials. The most recent complaint, dated May 18th, 2015, levels some serious charges:

  • Violations of NC Democratic Party rules regarding voting and district residency
  • Procuring and voting by proxy using 6th district SEC member and former legislator Kenneth Marcus Brandon’s form and voting as himself at the 2015 state Democrat convention

The news reported of Frick’s election which appeared on May 16th at Your Daily Journal, noted that Frick’s grandmother was Mayor of Norwood, however, the outlet pulled it. The cached copy has even been removed.

Other points of interest regarding Mr. Frick’s background came to light after 8th district members began looking closer at him. Apparently, the issues raised about Mr. Frick’s conduct violate the NC Democrat party plan of organization rules.

Such other items included an arrest from May 21, 2013, in Cabarrus County for ‘possession/manufacture of fraudulent ID’. According to police records, Frick was convicted of the fraudulent ID charge and parole started in October 2013.

Records obtained also show he appears to have violated that parole. Frick was directed to complete a  drug screen and drug education school as part of his probation, however, the parole record indicates “he never came back”. In fact, parole officers noted that Frick either missed multiple appointments or they were unable to locate him.

Frick’s parole was unsuccessfully terminated in May 2014 by Judge Pete Hunter, with an order for Frick paying $27.50 in attorneys fees. Frick must reappear before the court this coming December.

Another item that came to light was simultaneous voter registrations in both North and South Carolina, with instances of having voted in both states – an apparent violation of NC Dem rules. Frick likely registered while a student at Charleston University and remained active until at least June 2015. By July, the South Carolina registration has been deactivated.

Active voter registration lists Frick as registered in Stanly County, which is the 8th district. However, allegedly in August 2015, Frick was registered to vote in the 6th district of Guilford County and voted in that district during the November 2014 election while serving as 8th district vice chair.

Allegedly, Frick did not disclose his record when running for Chair of the 8th district. Frick arguably had a chance to clear the air, but instead, this past Spring he penned a letter to those requesting his removal.

Boiled down, Dylan Frick has apparently committed multiple violations of the NC Democratic party’s organizational plan and has had 3 complaints filed and then rejected in less than a year.

It begs the question, what the hell is going on here?

Does the 8th district have the power to govern itself or is it being held hostage by higher level party officials, including their court of review?

The NC Democrat party and state Chair Patsy Keever was asked for comment. No reply has yet been received.

*All information provided in this article is publicly available.

This article has been updated:
– Originally reported that documents cited Mr. Frick would have to reappear in court in November 2015. The documentation date says December 2015.
– Updated to amend the description of the assault charge and parole descriptions.
– The section dealing with an assault charge has been removed from the body of the article as documentation was provided to this site showing the charge had been expunged. A subsequent tweet containing a reference to the expunged arrest was also removed.
– Updated to note that the cached copy of “Your Daily Journal” has been removed.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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18 Responses to Corruption In The 8th District of NC Dem Party?

  1. Chris Telesca says:

    I believe the court date for the AOF is in December, not November. As to the issue of residency and Don Wright’s memo – that was written YEARS ago before Mr Frick’s residency came into question.

    Dylan was elected 3rd VC of the 8th Congressional District when he was registered to vote in BOTH NC AND SC. Clearly, registering in SC should have automatically de-registered him from voting in NC, but for some reason (one or more clerical reasons including having him listed in the on-line SC voter records as a female), he still remained on the voter rolls in NC in the 8th Congressional District at the same time he was listed on the SC voter rolls.

    However, for some reason Mr. Frick seems to overlook that he just didn’t attend school in Greensboro in the 6th Congressional District – he actually registered to VOTE in Greensboro in the 6th Congressional District. And there was no clerical error made in that – he was de-registered as a voter in the 8th Congressional District. Meaning he was no longer eligible to be an officer in the 8th Congressional District. However when he went to register in Guilford County in the 6th Congressional District, he listed his previous voter registration as being in Stanly County, NC – not in Charleston County, SC. There is no record of Mr. Frick coming back to NC between his SC votes in March 2013 and his being elected 3rd VC of the 8th CD and registering to vote in Stanly County NC or anywhere else in the 8th CD. Clearly this slipped his mind.

    Other 8th District officers found out his lack of 8th District residency and voter registration shortly before the February 2015 SEC meeting. Not long after that February 2015 SEC meeting, Mr. Frick changed his voter registration from the 6th CD back to the 8th.

    Is Mr. Frick really trying to claim that he could be registered in the 6th CD while attending college and serve in any 8th CD office if the POO claims residency is based on voter registration?

    Then there is the issue for me of serving as an officer in two different state’s Young/College/Teen Dems organizations at the same time. Mr. Frick was elected President of the Teen Dems based on his voter registration in NC. Then he moves to SC to attend college at some point in time, In early 2013 (January I believe) he claims he was elected an officer in the College of Charleston College Dems – while still registered to vote in NC AND while still presumably the President of the NC Teen Dems. He registers to vote in SC in February, then votes in a special election in SC in March – all the while still registered to vote in NC.

    Then – according to folks at the 8th District Convention – he was invited to the convention in May 2013 to help count votes. The other two people who were running for 3rd VC weren’t there – and somehow Mr. Frick was nominated for 3rd VC and won. At what point in time should Mr. Frick – who clearly knew he had recently registered and voted in SC – have told folks that he wasn’t eligible to run for that office because he wasn’t registered to vote in NC anymore based on his SC registration?

    As to the issue of proxy – Mr. Frick clearly got a proxy from someone in Guilford County where he was registered to vote – not Stanly County where he claims residency for the purposes of remaining 3rd VC of the 8th CD. It’s Mr. Frick and all his like-minded friends insisting on bending the rules so they can ignore them, break them, or just do what they want to do and not have to be held responsible for doing so.

    The rest of us have to play by the rules, and deal with the consequences of breaking them. If we are charged with breaking them, we deserve a fair trial. The problem is in the NCDP, there is no due process because we’ve had several people charged with matters that should have gone to a hearing but where either stonewalled or delayed so long that when the matter was finally heard, it was guaranteed to be overturned when the new administration came in and screwed with the works.

    The whole Council of Review mess is a travesty – Patsy Keever has no legal grounds under the NCDP POO to remove John Brooks from his position as COR Chair until a petition was filed against him with the Exec Council, the Council had a hearing and voted to remove him on grounds specified under the POO. That didn’t happen.

    The POO might be a little ambiguous about the terms of office for the 4 at-large COR appointees appointed by the NCDP Chair, and the fact that the same NCDP Chair appoints a CORP Chair and Secretary from the 17 total COR members (the 13 elected at District Convention in even years, and the other 4 appointed at-large), but the POO is VERY specific about the fact that COR members can’t be removed EXCEPT by petition to the Executive Council – there are no exceptions for the 4 at-large appointees or the 2 COR officers spelled out in the POO. And no one – not even John Brooks – is claiming that any of the 4 at-large appointees or the 2 appointed officers are appointed for life. But Patsy’s supporters are claiming that she can appoint anyone she chooses. I do not agree – these are not appointees who “serve at the pleasure of the Chair” like other appointees do. And anyone who has been graduated law school (or hung out in law libraries and read the cases) realizes that when parts of the law are a little ambiguous, you can and do look around to other laws or other parts of the same law that are not ambiguous. And the POO is very clear – you cannot remove a COR member without first filing a petition with the Executive Council, having the EC hold a hearing and voting to remove the COR member.

    To anyone with half a brain, that pretty much means that appointed COR members serve terms that are concurrent with the terms of the elected COR members. Vacancies of the elected members are filled by their Congressional Districts. Vacancies of the 4 at-large members are filled by the NCDP Chair. If the COR Chair was a elected member, and the elected member vacates for any reason, the NCDP Chair can feel free to appoint a new Chair.

    When SBOE appointee Fowler was caught in conflicts of interest, he was asked to resign. He claimed that the Governor could not remove him merely by asking him to leave because he (Fowler) was a member of a quasi-judicial body that could investigate the governor himself. If McCrory wanted Fowler gone – there were legal procedures for that. Just like there are in the POO for removal of COR officers. If a Democrat could file a petition against NCDP Chair Patsy Keever, Keever should not be able to exert influence over the COR by removing (or threatening to remove) any or all of the 4 at-large appointees or the 2 officers appointed from the 17 members.

    What clearly happened with the timing of Chair Brooks’ removal by Keever was related to precinct meetings and county conventions. It can not be a coincidence that Brooks was removed at the beginning of the week before County Conventions started. So that if there were any petitions submitted regarding irregular precinct meetings or county conventions – there would not be a COR to handle them. And the timing of appointing Ryan Butler to Chair the COR was a mess!

    First off – you can only appoint a new COR Chair when there is a vacancy – and Brooks didn’t vacate. He was not removed properly per the POO (no petition filed with the Exec Council nor hearing nor verdict from same).

    Secondly – you can only appoint COR officers from the 17 COR members (13 elected and 4 at-large appointees). Without removing Brooks as one of the 4 at-large appointees per the POO procedure previously mentioned, Patsy Keever has expanded the COR to include 18 members.

    Thirdly, Butler is already a member of the Executive Council – a group that hears appeals from COR decisions. That is – or ought to be – a conflict of interest. Imagine Scalia or Roberts not only being on the US Supreme Court, but also being a judge on the Federal Appellate Courts. So if you hear a case in the appellate courts and you end up on the losing side, you get a second chance to rule when you also sit on the Supreme Court? Outrageous!

    And then there was the issue of proxies for the appeal of the Hardee COR decision to the Exec Council in late April. If proxies aren’t allowed for COR members, why on Earth are they allowed for Exec Council members in their quasi-judicial role hearing appeals from the COR decisions?

    Patsy Keever must be getting the same kind of bad advice on the COR as she got from the Hagan folks who told her it was a good idea to send out that “Shamegate” letter. She and her minions are killing due-process and democracy in the NCDP, and in many of the district and county parties. Why on Earth would anyone donate money to a group that works so hard to stamp out your rights as an officer or delegate, and fails to hold people like Dylan Frick and Chris Hardee accountable given the circumstances? Are they so important to the NCDP that we need to overlook what they are doing wrong? In Mr. Hardee’s situation, why is he so important to the 3rd District and the NCDP when there hasn’t been a Democratic Congressperson elected there during Hardee’s terms of office?

    Our party is going to continue to lose voters, and not just because voters like moderate candidates. Voters don’t like having smoke blown up their asses – being told by candidates and electeds how important it is to defeat Republicans who are so bad when Democrats stab their supporters in the back as soon as they get (re)elected to earn the big money that donors give them. When voters see people like Frick and Hardee get away with breaking the party rules if not actual laws, and then see party officials work hard to ignore these matters, or punish people for bringing them to our attention (shooting the messenger), or punishing John Brooks for daring to rule against Chris Hardee and his residency problems and NCDL “story” (will someone not rid me of this meddlesome priest?), why should any voter join the party or vote for our candidates? Just saying the Republicans are worse doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why I am grateful for a candidate like Bernie Sanders who is running as a Democrat. Hopefully the Sandernistas will be able to turn out and purge the party of folks who are in it for all the wrong reasons.


  2. Grace Galloway says:

    Oh and Dylan – one more thing. Your excuse for saying blatant lies about me is not an excuse or a reason. You need to get YOUR facts straight.

    Funny thing is – there had to be a reason that you were assigned to a drug class. That doesn’t occur all by itself.

    And my questions still remain: You should have told the 8th CD about your record before the election. You did not. You should have come clean with us when you moved your voter registration to the 6th District. You did not. You should have informed all of us that you were registered to vote in 2 states at the same time. You did not.

    You are in a very sensitive position and have the ability to access the records of every voter in NC. With your record of FALSIFICATION OF RECORDS I personally am not comfortable with this. What assurance can you provide to all of us that you will not use this information when you feel like want to?


  3. Grace Galloway says:

    If you claim I am passing around a packet with false information I would like to have you (a) confirm who told you, (b) prove that all the information in it is false, and (c) how you justify your sang frois at holding an office in the NCDP when according to the PoO Section 10.0 anyone convicted of a crime is disqualified from holding an office. Unless of course you wish to spin that one too.

    As for why I registered unaffiliated – that is simple. Because I was expected to support people like you, cover up for people like you and hold my nose at the crimes being committed by people like you. I was also expected to endorse and support an agenda that I deemed to be racist. I will never do that as I do have integrity.

    You can question why I changed affiliation and my response comes from the heart. Can you answer why you continued to break the law, violate probation, disturb our meetings when you were 3rd Vice Chair, not advise the 8th of your move to the 6th District thus disqualifying you to hold office in the 8th. Yes I did say we all have disagreements – but we disagree behind closed doors. When we are in public we support each other. You broke that when you complained vehemently about the 8th CD board, accused us of being incompetent to the point where I had to have a come to Jesus with you over the telephone advising you that you either shape up and support the board or quit. Do you recall that conversation?

    As for my position as Chair of the AAPI-NCDP the only reason I came back is to head up a minority group that will fight for the rights of minorities. Something you know very little of.

    Good luck in your endeavors and in court.


  4. Dylan Frick says:

    I’m happy to respond to this. I wish I could say I’m surprised that no-one came to me for a response to this article, but I’m not. The point of this article is not to “shed light” on anything. It’s to sling mud, and I don’t think anyone is being fooled.

    However, I have some serious concerns with this article’s content because there are quite a few blatant lies. So, I’m just going to clear the air and tell everyone what the lies are.

    First off, all of the petitioners who filed to remove me are from the same area, all from Rockingham, Hamlet, and Dobbins Heights. Antonio Blue, my predecessor as 8th District Chair, is the mayor of Dobbins Heights, and one can’t help but think that he corralled his friends into sending this petition. But, I’m not one for name-calling. There is no district-wide effort to remove me.

    The first two petitions against me when I was the 3rd Vice Chair were for foolish things like “usurping the power of the secretary and the 1st Vice Chair” which doesn’t even make sense. I’m very happy that we democratically elected a completely new board in May, because they are all great individuals. The former board did nothing good for the Party. All they wanted to do was fight and cause headaches. We are doing a lot of great things, and we’ll be meeting in September in Concord if anyone cares to come and help out our efforts.

    The entire petition was based on lies. As I explained to the former 8th District officers who cared more about infighting than moving forward, according to Don Wright’s (legal counsel to NC BOE) memo on residency, I was legally allowed to be the 8th District 3rd Vice Chair because I did not determine Greensboro to be my permanent residence; it was just where I went to school. The District executive committee did not even hear a motion to remove me.

    I don’t know where everyone keeps getting this information about how I supposedly voted twice at the most recent SEC meeting of the NCDP. I was a proxy for Marcus Brandon because I wanted to attend the meeting. I didn’t have another vote. There was no way for me to vote twice.

    And I was accused of assault recently by the Carolinian newspaper, who went off false stories by one of the editor’s roommates. Shortly after I saw their story about me, they issued a correction stating that this entire rumor about a “chocking” incident was fabricated.

    Then there’s all these lies about my misdemeanor a few years back when I got accused of possessing a fraudulent ID (it was actually a piece of paper taped to my old permit, but I suppose it could technically somehow be seen as a fraudulent ID). I was never “unsuccessfully terminated.” That doesn’t even exist. I never missed any appointments. There were two times when the Probation Officer came to my apartment and I was home on the first instance, and taking an exam on the second. There wasn’t a problem there.
    The documents “Lady Liberty” mentions about me completing it unsuccessfully are embellished. I was assigned to take a drug class, TASC (where I passed every drug test, by the way), but because possessing a fake ID had nothing to do with drugs, and I have never been accused of anything drug related, Judge Hunter ruled that I could complete probation without taking and paying for the rest of TASC.

    Oh, and where’s this supposed court date in November coming from? Did you just throw that one in there?

    The District is hard at work trying to organize precincts and win elections. There will always be a couple people in opposition, notably one individual that I know you indubitably had to receive this information from: Grace Galloway. She’s the former 8th District Chair who vacated the seat by becoming an unaffiliated voter. I posted a Facebook status telling everyone about the new meeting to elect a new chair, and after than she blocked me on Facebook and started spreading lies. I have no idea why she’s so upset with me, considering she responded to the arrest of another member of the party by saying “It’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it…I’m supportive of him.” And, in a News and Observer article about her vacating the District Chair’s seat, she responded to questions being raised of Ben Chavis’s ethics when there were talks about him becoming the next Executive Director by saying “I think if you have never gotten into trouble you haven’t done a thing.” Not to mention, this is ALSO a woman who was unanimously impeached by the Cabarrus County Democratic Party. Now, she has returned to Democratic politics and I hope to see some great things coming from her, as long as she stops trying to stir controversy.

    What’s my point by bringing her up? We only had one face-to-face meeting while she was Chair, and only a couple phone conferences. We did no fundraising, and we just didn’t prepare for the 2014 midterms properly. I have made some mistakes in my life, but I ran for the 8th District Chair because I felt that I was the person who could bring real change to our District. And so far, we’ve had 2 meetings, with another one scheduled next month, and are moving towards 100% precinct organization.

    I know Lady Liberty is not in the job for doing this, but for all others reading this, always tell the truth. Republicans are destroying this state, and its up to our Party to, at the very least, bring issues about our struggling neighbors back to the table instead of focusing on divisive social issues.The political discourse of today’s time should not be based on lies, and A.P. Dillon should be ashamed of herself.


    • That’s quite a diatribe, Mr. Frick. My column was just over 650 some-odd words, but you beat me with 989.

      A few quick points –
      I reached out to your party leader, who did not respond.

      Mudslinging? That seems to be the bulk of your own comment here.

      I was sent documents. I vetted them. I wrote an accurate and documented article.

      The people of the 8th Congressional district asked me to look into it and write about it. It should speak volumes to you and your party officials that these people came across party lines to seek help.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.


      • Dylan Frick says:

        Okay, if you’re not lying, then just answer me this. Show me the “vetted” document that shows I have some court date in November.


      • I wasn’t lying, but in your attempt to deflect, I revisited the documentation.
        It appears mis-transcribed my notes. The documentation actually said December 2015, but I had accidentally jotted down November. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve corrected the article.


      • Dylan Frick says:

        Ok, now for your next lie. Where’s a document that shows that I voted for anyone other than the proxy I took for Mr. Brandon?


      • Re-read the article. That claim was not made.
        Next deflection please?


    • Dr. Gracie Galloway says:

      Dylan Frick – First of all I blocked you because you are a toxic individual who spread the most false and malicious lies about everyone who disagrees with you. And your strategic plan exactly mirrors what my plan was as chair. So your history of plagiarizing repeats itself.
      Secondly, I was NOT UNANIMOUSLY IMPEACHED by the CCDP. It was your friend June Mabry who lied to the board telling them that “the State was going to come down heavy on the party but they could make it right by signing a petition to remove me”. My board members were not allowed to leave the room until they signed. Indeed they could not even get up from their chairs as they were blocked until they signed. That is called kidnapping.
      The very next day, the majority of my board members withdrew their signatures from the complaint by sending an email to Tammy Brunner.
      Thirdly – the Council of Review ruled in MY FAVOR. So get your damned facts straight.
      lastly – you were the one who was causing all the trouble on the Board with your childish, petty antics – pouting like a spoiled child when you did not get your way. You were the one who NEVER ATTENDED A MEETING except for one. You were the one we had to call to get you to come onto conference calls. So how dare you say we never had meetings? And as for fundraisers..I helped the counties raise money – which is where the money belongs. Both Scotland and Montgomery were helped by me personally. Check it out.
      You were the one who jumped on the bandwagon vilifying Ben Chavis even though not one of the complaints ever made it to court – they were thrown out for lack of evidence.
      And yes, if you learn from a mistake then it is a learning experience. However YOU Dylan have not learned a darn thing. You have been arrested a total of 7 times. 5 of then in Norwood where your grandmother is mayor – so they were “disposed” of. The 6th for Falsification of Records in Cabarrus County – and the court documents show that you had a driver license with your picture, you name but A PHONY BIRTHDATE. You were then placed on probation which you proceeded to violate. The court records show that too. I’m looking at the same docs you are. And now the 7th for Assault on a Female. Nice mug shot by the way. Regardless of how AP received the information – the facts are THEY ARE OUT THERE, THEY ARE FACTS and BTW you have made so many enemies in your short life that there are so many people who simply tell on you. Speaking truth to power has never been a bad thing except in your case. You prefer that people not know the truth. You should have told the 8th CD about your record before the election. You did not. You should have come clean with us when you moved your voter registration to the 6th District. You did not. You should have informed all of us that you were registered to vote in 2 states at the same time. You did not.
      I don’t have a criminal record Dylan and I am 66 years old. You are barely 21 and you have SEVEN ARRESTS??
      So before you start to take me on – pack a lunch. And stick to the point at hand. If one tells the truth it is not mud-slinging. However, if you lie like you have been doing all your life, then THAT is mud slinging.


      • Dylan Frick says:

        A.P. – Your article didn’t make that claim? This excerpt is from above.
        “[I procured and voted] by proxy using 6th district SEC member and former legislator Kenneth Marcus Brandon’s form and voting as himself at the 2015 state Democrat convention” I want to know where this information is coming from, and I would assume if you truly “vetted” these documents, you would try to only exploit honest claims. So, where’s the truth behind this accusation of me voting twice at that meeting?

        Grace, nice to finally hear from you. I must say, I didn’t expect to hear from you again. Being a person of your word, I figured you would be done with NCDP activities when you left Democratic politics and abandoned the 8th District.

        This article is not about you. I only mention you to explain why I ran for the District. We got along very well while you were the Chair, and you always told people “we always butt heads, but we still work well together.” I’m not sure why you left the District, but we recuperated, and the District is on to really great things.

        I would like for you to call me personally about a packet you’ve been passing around with a lot of false information, including many of the things you just said. We’re both in positions to uphold the candidates and platform of the Democratic Party. Let’s work together, and stop letting fights like these tear us apart. I realize I have made some mistakes in my life, but what I’ve always been told is that the true mistake is not learning from them and correcting your ways.

        We have a meeting on September 19th. Being the new President of the Asian American and Pacific Islander auxiliary of the NCDP, you are a voting member of the 8th District Executive Committee. We have a lot of exciting things going on, which I would love to fill you in on at another time, so I welcome you to this meeting to play a pivotal role in building our campaign to win in 2016.


      • The documentation of the proxy vote is linked.
        If you claim you only voted once, kindly provide proof.


      • Dylan Frick says:

        No, A.P., you are the one who has “vetted” these documents. You have now written this article with the intention of defaming me. As someone who takes pride in being honest, I want YOU to prove that I had another vote, besides the proxy I took. I’ll wait.

        Spoiler alert, I never had another vote!


      • Read the letter of complaint from your own district members, Mr. Frick.
        The allegation is in there and I referenced that letter when referring to the incident in the article.
        If untrue, I suggest you take it up with your own party.

        I’ve not written this article with the intent of defaming you and no language in the article lends itself to that. What is written here is a timeline with documentation.


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  7. The North Carolina Dem Party is a defacto gestapo organization now–protecting their own be damned the voters and citizens they claim to support and champion. On the Frick issue – the judicial body of the NCDP never got any of this information because they were left out of the decision making process. The Officers of the NCDP decide what goes before the Democratic judicial body and they police their own. If you ever can contact the Chair of the Party: Patsy Keever, ask her why she dismissed former Labor Commissioner, John Brooks as Chair of the judicial body of the NCDP. I doubt she would ever return a phone call, but my answer is because he would not kowtow to new “policing” tactics now in place within the Party.


  8. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I’ve been hearing about this since March – a petition to remove with 22 signatures that never made the light of day thanks to the NCDP Officers. Patsy never did respond to A.P. Dillion, maybe another reporter can get through, or maybe the SBOE.


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