Comrade de Blasio Institutes Transgender Speech Code on NYC Businesses

Care or SueNYC’s Mayor de Blasio has instituted a transgender speech code on businesses.

They can be fined up to $250,000 for refusing to use the correct pronoun.

No, I’m not kidding.  You will be made to care.

Free Beacon:

New York City now defines gender as male, female, “or something else entirely,” according to a new edict from the Commission on Human Rights.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration released a list of 31 approved genders last week, which can be used as a guide for businesses that now face up to $250,000 fines if they refuse to call a person by their preferred pronoun.

“In New York City, it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender identity and gender expression in the workplace, in public spaces, and in housing,” according to the city’s gender identity and expression factsheet. “The NYC Commission on Human Rights is committed to ensuring that transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers are treated with dignity and respect and without threat of discrimination or harassment.”

The city now legally defines a person’s sex as anything.

Read the whole thing.

Let the First Amendment lawsuits fly!

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  1. brackenkaren says:

    Time for all businesses to close up shop and move. Or better yet get together and file a class action suit against this Communist.


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