WCPSS: Eat Your Peas For $45 more Bucks a Year

According to the News and Observer, Wake County schools may be increasing the price of meals in schools:

Wake County school administrators are proposing a 25-cent increase in breakfast and lunch prices for the 2016-17 school year.

That means Wake County parents could pay $45 more per year for their children’s school breakfasts and the same additional amount for their lunches in what would be the school district’s first price increase since 2010. Multiple reasons are cited for the possible increase, including rising production and labor costs, fewer students buying food because of new federal nutritional standards and federal mandates over meal pricing.

Kids aren’t eating these meals. Michelle Obama’s lunch program has kids complaining and abandoning school meals. This has been documented in states beyond North Carolina.

Here, have a leaf. It's healthful. Me? I'm having the cheeseburger. With Fries.

Here, have a leaf. It’s healthful. Me? I’m having the cheeseburger. With Fries.

The feds even threatened to fine schools who were not complying with Michelle Obama’s lunch program. What an ‘eat your peas‘ moment for education.

Does no one remember how the First Hamburglar dictated all of this for our kids and told the world ‘we can’t just leave it up to parents to decide‘ all while she gobbled every cheeseburger and fries in sight?  Heck, you can order the ‘Michelle Obama special‘ at the Shake Shack.

Does no one remember how she strong armed major restaurant chains to get in line with her program? How about when she dumped Let’s Move?

Does no one remember how she banned media from photographing her eating after her hypocrisy was exposed?

It’s a sad statement when the government is dictating what your kids eat in schools, but an even sadder statement when states continue to what their federal masters dictate.

Such is the case with Wake county as the News and Observer article continues:

Wake is subject to a federal “paid lunch equity” requirement to make sure that the price of paid meals is close to the amount the district gets reimbursed for free and reduced-price meals.

“We’re a federally funded program,” said Brittanie Benge, director of operations for the Wake County school system’s child nutrition services program. “In order to receive our funds we have to adhere to regulations.”

Breakfast could rise to $1.25 in elementary schools and $1.50 in middle and high schools. Lunch could increase to $2.25 in elementary schools and $2.50 in middle and high schools.

There would be no change in the price for reduced-priced meals.

One of the more telling sections of the News and Observer piece is this one below that speaks to testimony by Lynn Harvey who is North Carolina’s school nutrition services chief at the Department of Public Instruction.

Harvey notes what I said earlier – kids aren’t eating this stuff:

In testimony before Congress in June, Harvey said the changes were well-intended but more food has been going to waste as students say the new items are unpalatable. For instance, she said students used to eating fluffy biscuits weren’t buying the dense whole-grain biscuits.

“Everyone wants to serve the most nutritious meals to students,” Harvey said in an interview. “The challenge as a culture is how do we make dietary changes so abruptly. In the South, we’re gradually adjusting to whole grains.”

Did you catch that last part?  Harvey says it’s a Southern cultural problem. 

Really? For years, kids coast to coast have been rejecting this flavorless, unappealing crap. It’s so bad kids have actually organized boycotts and have taken to social media to protest.

But hey, we’re ‘gradually adjusting’.

No. No we’re not, as this article makes clear.

So the answer?

Let’s raise the price of these meals. Because fixing the bottom line of a budget is more important than, you know, fixing the actual problem.

This protest video is as relevant today as it was four years ago:

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  1. bydesign001 says:

    Oh yes, the consequences of failed social engineering policies which I believe are indeed intentional.
    How surprised Moochelle must be to realize that she cannot nudge other people’s children into eating their peas.


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