Man Confronts Planet Fitness GM over Open Bathroom Policy [Video]

Remember when Steven Crowder changed his gender identity and filmed himself going into a Planet Fitness last year? Well this isn’t the same video.

A man named Rodney Davis posted a video of he and his wife confronting a general manager of a Planet Fitness gym was posted to Facebook on April 26th, but the confrontation apparently took place on April 24th.

Davis had purchased the membership as gift for his wife only to later learn the gift could be putting her safety at risk due to the Planet Fitness locker  room and bathroom policy.  Davis was concerned for his wife as that policy enables anyone ‘identifying’ as female to use the women’s facilities.

From the conversation in the video, it appears that Planet Fitness hope paying customers will police the bathrooms and report anything ‘suspect’ or ‘suspicious’. That policing, of course, assumes unless they’re being assaulted and can’t report it.

Davis confronts the general manager, apparently named Meagon, about the fact this open bathroom policy was no where in the contract he signed for his wife’s membership.

At one point, the General Manger (GM) states that it’s Planet Fitness policy that they can verbally change any policy at any time and that those becoming members acknowledge that when they sign a contract with them.

Watch the video HERE.

GM: “What, um,  our policy says is you can go into the bathroom of your gender identity. If there’s suspicions.. like say a guy that we feel is going in there under false pretenses we have every right to call the authorities…. and.. and let them know.”

Davis’ wife: “So you’re saying they should be looking like the person that they claim they are?”

GM: “I they are identifying themselves as a woman and they’re going in there but if say you go in there and there’s something suspicious about this person going in, all you have to do is come up to myself or my assistant manager Cody or any of the staff members and we can alert our regionals  and proper authorities if necessary.”

Davis: “Wouldn’t you consider a man going in there suspicious already?”

GM: “Well, I mean, I can’t judge or…anything I just go on our policy. And our policy for Planet Fitness is that if they … if you identify yourself as a female or a male you can go into that room.”

Davis’s wife: “Alright so…I walk in and he walks in there behind me (gestures to husband) looking like he looks but he says, ‘I identify as a woman’, then what?”

GM: ” I mean…I’m not exactly sure. Like I said… I mean, transgender.. I can’t really answer .. you know, all I can go by from Planet Fitness is that that’s our policy. If you identify as yourself as a female then you know.. like…”

Davis’ wife: “So it’s based on their words?”

GM: “It’s based on their genner… gender identity.”

Davis’s wife: “What they say.”

GM: “If you’re going to pronounce yourself as a female, if they have a female name, if they have — you know — a female presence then they can go into the female….”

Davis: “So you’re saying I can self identify myself today as Meagon the general manager and fire you?”

GM: “No.”

Davis: “But really, you don’t know me very well and you do a background check and I’m actually a pedophile. And then I go in there [ladies room] and do something to something to a child and then now it’s on you.  And my problem was I got her this membership. And I… there’s no where in your policy that states… even your bathrooms clearly state ‘male’, ‘female’, correct?”

GM: “mmhmm.”

Davis: “And now I feel that I’ve let her [his wife] down and you all didn’t hold up to your standard of your policy of making people feel comfortable because she’s not comfortable and I’m doing the policy… I’m using it as an example.”

GM: I understand, but..”

Davis: “Here’s my.. here it is — you didn’t tell me that when I got the membership. So her safety was jeopardized because she knows very well anyone can go in there and do something.

Davis’s wife: “and say, hey I am whatever…”

Davis: Because a pedophile is looking for any kind of way to… you could get in there tomorrow and just stand there and look at naked women all day and you can’t do nothing about…. If I’m… good at what I do.  But my point is you…”

Davis’s wife: “So the point is that it’s not discouraged… in your policy and your bathrooms are not marked.”

GM: “well in our policy it does state that we can change our policy verbal at any time and you’re signing to that policy.”

Davis: “But there’s no policy that I’m signing. Your policy… I mean we’re talking common sense here.. your bath… there’s no, there’s nothing on your policy that mentions anything about a bathroom or locker room.  I mean, anyone can say anything anytime of the.. at any time.”

Davis’s wife: “The biggest thing is the policy is talking about non-judgmental and being comfortable in your environment. And so that makes me feel very uncomfortable.”

GM: “I understand.”

Davis’s wife: “The other consideration we see is taking account of is a woman who has been raped or assaulted.”

GM: “I completely understand.”

Davis’s wife: “And so that would make that woman feel super… and so I think that there needs to be some kind of way to notify people so that we are informed completely that… that you guys are ok with this — that type of person going in there.”

GM: “I understand but all I can do is for the policy — our contract states that we can verbally change our policy or write it. I understand you guys are frustrated and that you guys are worried and I know your concerns and the only thing I can tell you is you can contact my regional if you like and talk and discuss with them. There’s nothing much I can do on my end.”

Davis: “Can I get a refund on my membership?”

GM:“That’s something they would have to… you would have to discuss with my regional because I can’t make that umm decision.”

Davis asks for name.

GM: “I can write that down for you that’s not a problem. Let me get you… yeah, I have my card up here.”

Davis: “I want to talk to her.”


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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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8 Responses to Man Confronts Planet Fitness GM over Open Bathroom Policy [Video]

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

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  2. ALRUI says:

    “cant judge”, gee that seems to be the issue across the board!


  3. Eric Johnson says:

    I find it amazing that the liberal left is going berserk over an issue that even by their likely inflated numbers is under 700,000 or roughly 2.2 people per 1000 population. So IF a gym has a membership of 1000 then under normal national stats they should have 2.2 members that are transgender. Why are they fighting for perhaps 2 people per gym? Why is this gym appeasing such a small percentage of their entire membership?

    Since transgenders seem to be clustered in “friendly” cities like NYC, San Francisco, etc. Then the reverse should also be true that they are fewer in the cities that are “unfriendly” to them making the above number likely even smaller in NC.

    This is before we even consider a medical study that puts the numbers at under 27,000!

    Let’s take a hard look at the numbers that one can find on the internet…Searching for “transgender population in us” gives us a lot of references to a 2011 UCLA Williams Inst. study of a 2007 Massachusetts study and a 2003 California study that suggests there are almost 700,000 transgenders in the US. I think there is a legitimate complaint of bias against those numbers when you use 2 states with higher than normal LGBT populations…

    Meanwhile, transgenderism is listed as a disorder and according to DSM-5, the prevalence of gender dysphoria is 0.005-0.014% for adult natal males and 0.002-0.003% for adult natal females for a high end estimate of 27,000.

    I know this blog has used a 50,000 number several times. So,we have a range of 27,000 to almost 700,000 for an average in the 360,000 area or roughly 1.1 per 1000 people nationally.


  4. Roxanne Chester says:

    The bigger problem with all these policies is the people who live for online clicks (usually male) will take advantage, go in and video young nubile 20 somethings in the shower and post it online.


  5. Betty Peters says:

    I am going to call the Planet Fitness gym here and find out how they handle this. Good article, Andrea. I wonder if people could contact Liberty Counsel about this and see what’s the likelihood gym members could win a lawsuit against gyms, so they terminate their contracts, when the gyms change the rules like this.



  6. ANON FEMALE says:

    I don’t want to print this under my name, but I will tell you this. I belong to the local fitness center and take classes there.

    I am also a child molestation victim, something I don’t share with many people, and I’ve had lots of therapy for it. I was 10. How can any sane human being think I would go in the dressing room, strip, shower, and dress with a man watching me? Police would be called because I might freak out and attack him!

    Feel free to share that without my name attached.


  7. Jason says:

    “Yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the Lord. Amos Chapter 4, God describes 5 calamities he brought on the Israelites and yet His people would still not return to Him. Is it at all possible that people might consider that last year, gay marriage was required of our entire nation, then videos of babies having their faces sliced open to harvest their brains appeared, and now we are forced into letting men into the women’s bathrooms, yet we will not return to God. We would prefer to follow our idolatrous ways making ourselves, our entertainment, our sports, our money more important than standing up for God. God bless you A.P. for sacrificing your time to stand and fight for what is right. When the Church decides to return to God and be wiling to sacrifice something for His will, things will change.


  8. Betty Peters says:

    The obvious solution is staring us in the face in this story. The women need to cancel their memberships due to the owner having changed membership rules, thus making women FEEL unsafe and uncomfortable. I hope some attorneys will weigh in on this subject. What about a class action lawsuit? I am so glad I did not join the Planet Fitness here. I had thought about it but now I would not join any fitness center unless they have something in writing that forbids trans bathrooms/dressing rooms. Up until recently, a female would not imagined this issue coming up.


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