PROJECT VERITAS Video Exposes NC University Officials Enabling Predator Behavior

HB 2 has been all over the news. The Charlotte ordinance that started it all? Not so much.

The theme come out of the opposition to HB 2 has been along the lines that nothing bad happens in bathrooms, supporters are fear mongering and supporters are painting transgender persons as pedophiles or predators.

No. That is the opposition’s narrative. It’s false.  The opposition created this theme and the media ate it up like red meat.  The media of course left out the man who originally was leading the charge for this ordinance was a registered sex offender.  In fact, no media outlet has interviewed him since that information came out.

Supporters have said, from day one of the Charlotte Ordinance mess, that the ordinance would open the door for abuse by giving predators and pedophiles a legal pass into areas and facilities they did not have legal access to before.  It has been about protecting woman and children from that.

Opposition has reacted to that concern with the argument ‘criminals don’t follow laws’ or ‘a predator is going to attack regardless of a law’.  That’s true, but does that mean you remove the law just because criminals don’t follow it?

It’s against the law to break into a car. Do you lock your car when you leave it anyway?

At any rate, I’ve said before that HB 2 is critical because I saw the Title IX fight coming.

What I didn’t see coming was Project Veritas.

James O’Keefe and his team hit the very liberal UNC Asheville to see what officials would do there regarding following HB 2 and Title IX.  Read the write-up that accompanies the video below.

Director of Diversity Education, Deborah Miles , condescendingly made air quote gestures with her hands when she said, “That’s what the people who passed the bill, their main thing was to protect women and children”.

The first video is below. I say first, because Project Veritas has a habit of dropping more than one.

How these officials reacted will make your skin crawl.


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4 Responses to PROJECT VERITAS Video Exposes NC University Officials Enabling Predator Behavior

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  2. subtlesusan says:

    I can be a little bit bad… It pushes the envelope – at Target and other places that support pervy behavior.


  3. ALRUI says:

    These people in power get their own jollies from this stuff going on, you can tell by the reactions caught on the video & hey along with it they get grossly overpaid as well, whats the issue?


    • USAFmedicVET says:

      I doubt if they’re grossly overpaid at a State College, trust me! The real money is in Sports where coaches make over a $Mil, but I digress.
      The real shock of this video is that the Administrators don’t explain that their bathroom accommodation is for Transgender people and what the actors are proposing is illegal. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME these people with knowledge, but theAdministrators seem to afraid of offending these unlawful pervs.
      The woman who says stop, stop don’t tell me anymore is a Pathetic Loser! How will she feel when that man rapes/kills a woman or child, with the knowledge she HAD about him. She’ll clam up and look the other way at the obligatory campus vigil. PUNK*SS!


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