Who Said it? Trump or Hillary? [Video]

In my inbox this morning was this interesting video where people on the street in Times Square were asked, ‘who said it? Trump or Hillary?’.

Not much commentary is needed here – Just a word, Trillary.

Just watch the clip.

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3 Responses to Who Said it? Trump or Hillary? [Video]

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  2. Bonnie says:

    Andrea, I am very disappointed in you. I thought you could understand the Trump phenomenon better than posting your latest piece on Trump shows, which obviously uses selective reporting. Americans all over the nation are rallying to Trump when he is heard UNfiltered by the media and people like you.

    If you want to be a tiny bit more “balanced” just air the recent Diamond and Silk interview shown on Fox News. These articulate fun black women started the “ditch and switch” campaign to leave the democrat party and join the Republican Party just to vote for Trump.

    If you think Cruz is a better candidate for President, you might want to think again. By having Glenn Beck annointing him as the savior of America is over the top and sick. Poor ole Glenn needs Jesus Christ as his Savior, not Cruz or the Mormon Church. The Mormons had their chance with Romney whom I vigorously supported and voted for. Now he is just what Trump has called him, a loser and a disgrace to interfere with the WILL of the people by trying to get a brokered convention. No wonder he lost. He’s part of the problem….the establishment that brought us unlimited ILLEGAL immigration, Obamacare, Common Core, jobs shipped overseas via NAFTA, TPP and TPA which Heidi Cruz was part of the team to undermine our national sovereignty via TPP.

    I really thought you had more “common sense” Andrea. I can take good solid opposition to a candidate, but the deliberate cutting out the parts of Trump’s position to sound worse than Hillary is not fair game. It’s lying!

    Bonnie Dougherty

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    • A.P. Dillon says:

      Dear Bonnie,

      I do have common sense.
      Which is why I am not on the Trump train.

      The switch and ditch is very similar to that of when the racist dixiecrats decided to change to the Republican party. The Republicans, like idiots, welcomed them with open arms.
      These people are not hopping to Republican for conservative ideals. Ask yourself why they are.

      Your comment chides me about being balanced yet your own comment is one giant ad hominem attack on Beck, Romney, Cruz and myself.
      Romney endorsed Cruz only because Bush and Rubio are out; those supporting Cruz know this and so should you.

      You’re wrong every single point you made about Cruz, by the way. I don’t know where you are getting your info, but it’s dead wrong.

      I’ve followed Ted Cruz since he was Solicitor General of Texas. I am well acquainted with what he has and has not done. Clearly, you are not.

      As for lying, Trump has been doing it for this entire race while calling everyone else one. That’s an Alinsky tactic, Bonnie.

      And yes, Cruz is the best candidate.
      Ask yourself, if Trump were not in the race at all, who would you be voting for?


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