AG Cooper Doubles Down On Transgender Bathroom Ordinance

Yesterday, Governor McCrory called out Attorney General Cooper for his inaction over Charlotte’s arguably illegal ordinance change.

The change basically allows anyone, regardless of their physical gender, to use whatever bathroom they want so long as they “self identify” as transgender. The way the ordinance is written, it forces local businesses to comply and, in essence, makes single-sex bathrooms illegal.

Late yesterday, Cooper doubled down on said inaction. It was amazing that he didn’t just refuse to comment as he usually does, which might have been better than what he did say. Instead, Cooper proved he either just doesn’t get it or he just doesn’t care:

TommyLee Really“I think it’s important that everyone feels safe,” Cooper said as he left a Council of State meeting. “Even with the passage of this ordinance, it doesn’t change anything in the North Carolina criminal law. Investigators, prosecutors still have the ability to arrest criminals.”

By Cooper’s logic, exposing women and children to potential predators isn’t a problem because there are investigators and prosecutors to arrest them.  Why lock your car? Cooper’s got it covered.

According to WRAL, Cooper said it ‘shouldn’t be a priority’ for state lawmakers.

McCrory responded:

“An attorney general – a state’s top lawyer and chief law enforcement officer – has a sworn obligation to promote public safety and represent the people above special interests,” McCrory campaign manager Russell Peck said in a statement Tuesday. “In supporting a radical special interest plan to open bathrooms and locker rooms to the opposite sex, Roy Cooper is failing families and children across North Carolina.”

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  1. Kim says:

    Coming to a school near you…Chapel Hill Schools just implemented transgender bathrooms. Wonder when “fighting words” Pat is actually going to DO something about this????


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