Grange “Honored” By Cobey Endorsement – #NC20

So, this happened:

Yeeeesh.  Laying it on a bit thick there, aren’t ya sister?

Holly Grange goes ALL IN on the Bill Cobey endorsement.  This is not going to play like she thinks it will with, you know,  actual conservatives.

One of the “founding members of the conservative movement in NC”?  Well, I suppose that depends on one’s definition of “conservative”.

Cobey has a very long history in politics, no one is saying otherwise. He’s a lovely man in person. Maybe it’s me, but he seemed ill-suited for the Board of Education Chair  position and possibly it was a total political reward-type appointment.

Atkinson & Cobery 1Those thoughts were solidified (for me anyway) when he testified in front of the Legislative Research Committee on Common Core.  It was very… awkward.

Cobey clearly was a champion of conservative principles,  but since moving onto the State Board of Education he seems to be more of a champion of June Atkinson’s principles. Don’t forget his involvement with McCrory’s legislature/commissions stunt.

I mean, when you have the uber-leftist outlet, IndyWeek, praising Cobey as “not one of the crazies“.  Come on, people. Ironically, that Indyweek article has this quote:

“Good schools channel the kids’ energy into a love of learning, Cobey said. Bad ones beat it out of them.”

While that statement is true on its face, what do you think Common Core does to kids love of learning, Mr. Cobey?  Hint: It’s not making them love it.

Common Core is a set of fundamentally flawed and corporate influenced standards, but in his role on the Common Core Commission, Cobey defended the standards over NC kids.

I guess that’s part of why I give Cobey such a hard time. Given his history, it’s like he’s totally lost his way and just nods his head with June on nearly everything.

But I digress.  ANYWAY….

Campaign finance filing is due today. Go hit the Board of elections website.

Grange’s campaign has already filed and shows $23,436.38 in receipts.

The largest single donation was $5,000 from Kenneth Curley who is President of Raymond and Associates. His dealings are ‘global‘.

Runner up was one ‘Robert Finan’ and probably his wife, ‘Nancy Finan’ with four separate donations just over $1k each.

Finan is listed as “retired US Government” and so is his wife.  If this is the same Robert Finan, which according to voter records it seems to be, then I wouldn’t want to mess with him. His wife, however, is not registered to vote as Nancy Finan, but Nancy Cowen.

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