Revolving Door Between WCPSS and WakeEd Partnership Spins Again

At the tail end of the January WakeEd Partnership email  newsletter, there was this tidbit:

Two years ago (almost exactly), I began writing In Context.  It has been my pleasure to explore our local, state, and national education story with you.  

Almost always there is a “rest of the story” behind decisions and headlines.  We believe knowing that story helps you ask good questions and share what you know. 

I am leaving WakeEd next month to become the Director of Strategy and Policy for the Wake County Public School SystemIn Context will continue.  

Please keep reading.  A great public school system is no accident.  Your support is essential.  -Julie Crain, Ph.D.

So, a member of the Big Education Non-Profit complex is moving over to be director of “Strategy and Policy” for Wake county schools.

the-walking-dead-revolving-doorSeems we have a little bit of a revolving door between Wake County Schools and WakeEd Partnership, as Julie Crain is not the first to do the switcheroo.

Teresa Pierrie, who was a principal and school administrator in Wake County Schools before joining WakeEd in 2014.

Tim Simmons was first a reporter at the News and Observer, then joined WakeEd Partnership before becoming the Communications Director at Wake County Schools.

Also of note, somewhere around 2009, Durham Superintendent, Ann Denlinger, leaves her role to be President of WakeEd partnership. I’ve also found she was employed at some point by Wake County Schools as well.

Mind you, these are just the ones I found doing a cursory search.  I am sure there are more.

I’ve requested a copy of Ms. Crain’s new job description and related hiring documentation from Wake County Schools. Ironically, Mr. Simmons’ staff will be responding to this request.

Let’s see if they can fill this one faster than another  information request I placed with them, which is about to turn a year old.

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