Audit: Around $150K in Improper Spending at Washington Cty Schools – #nced

Audit StampA State Auditor report on Washington County Schools has determined a misspending of funds has occurred.

The report has a total of around $150,000 in improper spending.

The report’s summary reads:

Investigators determined the former Superintendent, Board Members, and Administrative employees spent approximately $134,000 without prior written authorization, a documented business purpose, or expenditure receipts. In addition, the former Superintendent misspent $15,800 of federal funds on entertainment.

A fuller view of the key findings from the report:

  • Former Superintendent spent over $94,000 without prior written authorization from Board Chairs, a documented business purpose, or expenditure receipts
  • Board members and administrative employees spent nearly $40,000 without prior written authorization, a documented business purpose, or expenditure receipts
  • Former Superintendent misspent $15,800 of federal funds on entertainment

The full report can be viewed at the State Auditor’s website.

The audit also mentions the compensation of the Superintendent:

The School’s former Superintendent signed a four-year employment agreement for which he was paid a base salary of $125,000 annually beginning September 17, 2012, and ending June 30, 2016. The original employment agreement was extended for two additional years (ending June 30, 2018) on October 28, 2014. The former Superintendent resigned his position effective June 30, 2015.

I dug around and pulled up more details on Dr. Joe Davis, Superintendent of Washington County Schools. Highlights from the contract include:

Contract length: Sept. 17, 2012 – June 30, 2016
State salary: $109,548
Local salary: $18,488
Total salary: $128,036
Enrollment: 1,710
Pay per student:$74.87

There were also “perks”, such as the Board having the ability to give Davis an annual bonus of up to $6,000. Here are the other “perks”:

• Board will provide Davis with a vehicle
• Board will provide Davis with a laptop, iPhone and iPad
• Board will give Davis 10 extra vacation days per year
• Board will pay Davis $500 per year to help pay his life insurance premium
• Board will pay for Davis’ temporary housing for up to 30 days
• Board will pay moving expenses
• Board will pay full premium costs for medical/dental/ vision insurance for Davis & family
• Board will provide Davis with facilities, equipment, supplies and clerical assistance
• Board will pay for professional meetings and memberships
• Board will pay for one medical exam per yearOther details
• Board must approve any oustide work Davis does that lasts more than three consecutive work days. If he continues to draw his salary, any honoraria paid to him must be transferred to the school system. If he uses vacation days, he can keep the honoraria fees.

View Davis’s full contract here.

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