Common Core Potemkin Village Update: Ben Owens, Hope Street Group Fellow – #ASRC #NCed

An article from the Asheville Citizen Times was put in my inbox over the weekend titled, “Veteran engineer sees the value of Common Core field testing“.

It’s penned by a man named Ben Owens.

At the bottom of the article is this text:

“Benjamin C. Owens is a 2014 Hope Street Group National Teaching Fellow and math and physics teacher at the Tri-County Early College in Murphy.”

Hope Street Group.  AGAIN.

CC ED Potemkin VillageThe article was written in 2014, prior to Superintendent Atkinson entering North Carolina into a partnership with Hope Street Group.

In 2014, this grant appears to have supported HSG’s expansion beyond Tennessee into states like North Carolina:

Hope Street Group

Date: April 2014
Purpose: to support the Hope Street Group State Teacher Fellows in two additional locations
Amount: $468,433
Term: 11
Topic: College-Ready
Program: United States
Grantee Location: Sherman Oaks, California
Grantee Website:

HSG is a Bill Gates backed ‘education non-profit’ expressly involved in recruiting teachers to promote Common Core. HSG has received millions from Gates.

See: Common Core Potemkin Village: Hope Street Group – Money and History

Owens is also involved with the Center for Teaching Quality, which has received large sums from Bill Gates, much of which for the purpose of driving Common Core, to the tune of over $6.3 million.

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