Now THAT’S One Use For PVC Pipe… – #ncpol #hb318

Last night, a collection of folks decided to use what looks like PVC pipe to chain themselves together in front of the Governor’s mansion.

Oh brother.

And of course, no protest is complete without the NC NAACP. Rabble.. rabble.. Moral Witness.. rabble.

illegals protest hb318

Well, THAT’S one use for PVC pipe I suppose…or is that a cardboard mailing tube?
Does it  matter? No, en absoluto. Fueron detenidos todos modos.

Whoops. Sorry. Seven years of Spanish kicked in all of a sudden there.

They were protesting HB 318, which blocks cities in North Carolina from adopting “sanctuary status”.


“The immigrant community is waking up,” said Carmen Rodriguez, one of the protesters in the blockade and an undocumented mother of three who has lived and worked in Raleigh for over 10 years. “We are losing our fear to raise our voices and confront this racism, face to face.”

Raleigh firefighters were called to help cut through the chains so the protesters who blocked the street could be taken into custody.

“There’s always places for you to resist,” protester Felicia Arriaga said. “This definitely shows that we’re not going to sit down and let this happen.

Mmmmkay. One living here 1o years with three kids?

ABC 11 has more on Ms. Rodriguez:

Rodriguez said she is an undocumented mother of three US Citizen children who has lived and worked in Raleigh for over ten years. “We are losing our fear to raise our voices and confront this racism, face to face,” she said.

So, Momma Rodriguez is here illegally but she has three anchor kids.  Who was watching your kids while you were outfitting yourself with chains and PVC pipe?

ABC 11 had their names, but Wake Mugshots had their pictures and charges.

  1. 24-year-old Ivanna Cristina Gonzalez
  2. 32-year-old Martha Iliana Santillan-Carril
  3. 30-year-old Maria Carmen Rodriguez
  4. 28-year-old Nayely Irais Perez-Huerta
  5. 47-year-old David Salazar-Montalvo
  6. 37-year-old Angeline Marie Echeverria

The one  male arrested, Salazar-Montalvo, listed his address as “468 WKBQ RADIO STATI GARNER, NC 27529”.

Angeline Echeverria is the Executive director of the far left group, El Pueblo.  Echeverria has an interesting resume.  I noted not so long ago that Echevarria also registered the website for Education Justice Alliance.

Echeverria  also worked with Student Action with Farm workers. That’s probably where she and Nayley Irais Perez-Huerta know each other from, since they were both on the board of directors together.

Perez-Huerta also worked at El Pueblo before moving on to SIERN — Southeast Immigration Rights Network.  Perez-Huerta has an ironic misspelling on her LinkedIn profile:

Regional Organizer
Southeast Immigrant Rigths Network (SEIRN)
April 2012 – Present (3 years 7 months)

Martha Iliana Santillan-Carril also works at …. El Pueblo.


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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  3. Eric Johnson says:

    The cops should have just pulled them over to the curb and leave them there. Keep enough cops there to keep them out of the street and let their buddies figure out how to free them. After a couple of hours of sitting there I bet they’ll start to have doubts about the wisdom of locking themselves up like that.


  4. Geek49203 says:

    So where am I wrong here…. just leave ’em there? Everyone back off, let ’em stay tied up there? 30 minutes worth of traffic, or at least the cold pavement during the night, should’ve solved the problem?


  5. BigHal Nunn says:

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