#DM7 Article: Now Banned: Kiss Cams?

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column: Now Banned: Kiss Cams?

By A.P. Dillon

The ability to reason and think for one’s self in this country has been lost.

Apparently, Kiss Cams are now considered inappropriate at Syracuse University.

The kiss cam did not operate during Saturday’s game between the Orange and Central Michigan University following a letter to the editor published Friday on Syracuse.com questioning its appropriateness at a time when universities are focused on discouraging sexual assaults. During game delays couples kissing for the camera are displayed on the Jumbotron to entertain the crowd.

“We are taking the time to assess the concerns expressed in the letter to the editor. We discussed this with POMCO, the sponsor, and they supported that approach,” Sue Edson, executive senior associate athletics director for communications, said in an email. – Syracuse.com

As Syracuse is my Alma Mater, I am beyond mortified. I’m flabbergasted at the amount of sheer, pure STUPID going on here.  I feel dumber for having read the whole article all the way through. We’re one step closer to Demolition Man becoming reality.

But wait, it gets worse. The dumping of the Kiss Cam occurred because of one letter from a man named Steve Port, who compares the Kiss Cam to rape.

The instances I witnessed at the game encourage and condone sexual assault and a sense of male entitlement, at best. And they are an actual instance of assault, at worst,” Port wrote in his letter.

“No one has the right to forcefully touch someone be it a hug, a kiss or a violent rape. I adamantly insist that Syracuse University student government, the chancellor, the athletic director, etc. review what happened last weekend and seriously consider the ramifications of what they are encouraging,” he said. – Syracuse.com

Well, there you have it. Kiss Cams have been causing sexual assaults for decades across the country. Someone get that Jumbotron indicted already, will ya?

A couple of comments were posted in the article, this is one of them and it was nausea inducing:

syrfan47: “The question to me is not whether this meets the criteria for assault “legally”. The question is; given the context of today’s campus behaviors; why are we encouraging male entitlement in such a public forum. The reluctance of the women was clear; and I was uncomfortable with the Dome’s management condoning this outdated practice. For the record; I’m a guy; big SU fan, was at the game, and I do have daughters.”

It would seem that syrfan47’s own “male entitlement” is not in question. He sounds like a parrot, echoing the phrasing of Mr. Port.  The rest of the commenters nodding their little lemming heads in agreement are no better.

Ban all Things - Easily offendedMany thought the Kiss Cam was a dumb idea, but throughout the comments, most agreed yanking the cam was equally dumb.

It’s clear what has to happen. We need to act! Protect the easily offended – ban all things!

The only relief from this story is the vast majority of comments called this turn of events what it is — politically correct idiocy.

Here’s a sample:

“The kiss cam promotes sexual assault in the same way watching grown men tackle each other to the ground over possession of a ball promotes violence. Sorry, but this guy’s letter is taking things a bit too far.”

“My question is, when are they going to stop selling beer? I think selling beer at the games is promoting alcoholism and the college is sending out a message that you should be drinking at sporting events.”

“I’m offended by all of those who are offended so off with your heads. Seriously this is all totally out of hand. Don’t breath you just might offend the person next to you”

And just last week, the President of the United States scolded Universities for ‘coddling’ their students.  Perhaps the President’s message should have been directed at the general public.

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