Is The CCSSO President Violating NC Statute 138A?

AtkinsonPresElectDr. June Atkinson is the NC Superintendent of Schools. She is also the President of the CCSSO — one of three outside, unelected groups that produced the Common Core State Standards.

The CCSSO is heavily invested in the Common Core State Standards, or rather the CCSSO has been invested in by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in grants that total over $91.2 million.

NC tax payers are also invested in the CCSSO. [Read: Citizen’s Information Request Yields 60K In CCSSO Dues]

Dr. Atkinson’s vigorous (and often insulting) defense of Common Core and that she holds positions as both NC Superintendent and as CCSSO President created and argument that Dr. Atkinson is serving two masters and in doing so has a conflict of interest.

NC State statute 138A is the State Government Ethics Act.

§ 138A-2.  Purpose.

The purpose of this Chapter is to ensure that elected and appointed State agency officials exercise their authority honestly and fairly, free from impropriety, threats, favoritism, and undue influence. To this end, it is the intent of the General Assembly in this Chapter to ensure that standards of ethical conduct and standards regarding conflicts of interest are clearly established for elected and appointed State agency officials, that the State continually educates these officials on matters of ethical conduct and conflicts of interest, that potential and actual conflicts of interests are identified and resolved, and that violations of standards of ethical conduct and conflicts of interest are investigated and properly addressed. (2006-201, s. 1.)

While being President of the CCSSO doesn’t pay anything, the rest of the board positions pay very well. Former Director Gene Wilhoit was paid $299,321 according to the CCSSO’s 2012 IRS 990 form. In fact, all the staffers made six figure salaries.

Wilhoit left the CCSSO in 2013 for greener pastures. Wilhoit joined Common Core architects Zimba and Pimental at their group”Student Achievement Partners” or SAP.
SAP is well-funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Clearly, the CCSSO leadership positions are springboards to bigger opportunities and bigger money.

Fun Fact: The CCSSO’s 501(c)3 request in North Carolina was denied in 2011, but as of this article, the status appears as “in process” on the Secretary of State website.
Check out the “Federal Tax Det Letter” from Lois Lerner. Yes, that Lois Lerner.


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