Where ASRC Member Ann Clark Was During The January Meeting

During the January meeting of the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC), member Ann Clark dialed in to attend.

Ms. Clark announced she was joining the ASRC via telephone because she was out of the state… at a “national convening” on Common Core.


To make sure my ears had not deceived me, I emailed the Co-Chairs of the committee for more information.

I was told by Co-Chair Andre Peek that he “connected with Ann Clark regarding your question. Ann was not attending a national meeting on common core. She was participating in  an information sharing session between school superintendents where the topic came up in informal discussions with peers.”

Just to be sure of what Mr. Peek told me, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS).   CMS replied in a timely manner.

The documentation turned over showed that Ms. Clark attended The 2015 Broad Center Forum in California.  The Broad Center as in Eli Broad Foundation; a large supporter of Common Core.

The agenda for the Forum itself does not mention Common Core. There was a great deal of ‘equity’ and ’emotional learning’ mentioned in the agenda, however.

As to why Ms. Clark specifically announced she was at a ‘national convening’ on Common Core during the call, one has to wonder what sessions went on that were not on the official agenda.

That question might go unanswered, as a search for this conference online and at the Broad Foundation site did not yield any publicly available information.

Additionally, the agenda provided in the FOIA documents had a website address on the bottom of the relevant pages. Unfortunately, the event site blocks any access to any of their events unless you have the code.

The FOIA did show that this trip cost CMS over $600 dollars in travel and other expenses.



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