Barber Takes Occupy Monday To New York

Reverend Barber’s Moral Monday Roadshow hits New York:

The event is January 12th (today) and this is how the Facebook page associated with it labels and describes it – complete with busing schedule:

Moral Monday to Fight for Fairness in Education Where: Alliance for Quality Education of New York 94 Central Ave, Albany, New York Million Dollar Staircase, New York State Capitol, Albany Billionaires bought Albany and now they want to take over our schools. We are not going to let that happen.

AQE is partnering with Citizen Action of New York, Make the Road NY, New York Communities for Change, the UFT, NYSUT, Strong Economy for All and Coalition for Education Justice. Contact Chad Radock at 978-376-8178 or NEED A RIDE?

Buses are leaving from the following communities: Brentwood (LI) Brooklyn Bronx Buffalo Kingston Manhattan Newburgh New Paltz Rochester Roslyn (LI) Call Chad Radock of AQE at (518) 288 – 5708 to find out where the buses are leaving and to reserve your seat!!

Here’s the flier at AQE, touting millionaires corrupting education with their dollars.
Ask AQE where they stand on Common Core. These people are ridiculous hypocrites only concerned with the testing aspects of the Core, which impact teachers and their subsequent union affiliations and their wallets.

Some tidbits about AQE

  • Their main thrust is ‘fiscal equity‘.
  • Their spokesperson is actress Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City fame.
  • Per the donation page, “AQE is a 501(c)4 organization, and therefore your donation is not tax exempt.”  AQE’s EIN # is 22-3810450. View their 990 forms and information here.  The 2013 990 filing shows that Citizens Action of NY and Public Policy and Education Foundation are under the AQE umbrella. The 2013 filing shows AQE pulled in over $381k in donations. View the 2012 filing; note the huge drop off in donations from the prior year 2011 of just under $618k to $334k.

AQE thinks Astorino’s opposition to Common Core was a ‘political stunt’:

Gleaned from their ‘policy’ page:

* Solidly anti-charter.
* Utilizes the ‘school to prison pipeline’ catch phrase that we see Barber’s various outlets stoking here in North Carolina.
* Big corporations like Romney’s Bain Capital are bad, Bill Gates is good.
* Pre-K proponent.

WHOIS of the site reveals it is registered to Billy Easton:

Registrant Name:Billy Easton
Registrant Organization: Alliance for Quality Education of New York
Registrant Street: 94 Central Ave
Registrant City:Albany
Registrant State/Province:NY
Registrant Postal Code:12206
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5184325315
Registrant Fax: +1.5184349498

Mr. Easton is a fan of the Moral Monday method of getting arrested to garner media attention and is quite proud of that.

Billy Easton is a community and union organizer per his profile at ‘Justice Works”:

Since 2005 Mr. Easton has been the Executive Director of AQE.  He brings 30 years of experience in community and union organizing and a wealth of experience in strategy, media relations, politics and legislative activity to his work at AQE.  Billy provides significant leadership to the organizing, policy, media relations and strategic work of AQE and partner organizations. (See More)

Easton and AQE are described and subsequently dismantled in a brutal article by the New York Post title, Pigs in Saints’ Clothing. Excerpt below, which later compares them to the Wisconsin protests debacle:

Walk just about any capitol corridor in Albany, and odds are you’ll trip over lobbyist-without-portfolio Billy Easton, of the fraudulently mislabeled Alliance for Quality Education.

We say without portfolio because, while rare is the legislator whom Billy hasn’t buttonholed lately, he has yet to register as a lobbyist this year.

And we say fraudulent because AQE simply is a creature of New York state’s primary teachers unions — and thus its connection to quality education is laughably tangential.

Further down in the NY Post piece, Citizen action is mentioned.  Citizen Action also is in the Moral Monday Facebook description mentioned earlier. Relevant section:

AQE shares an Albany address with Citizen Action, the local affiliate of USAction, a self-professed “progressive, grass-roots” organization aimed at electing left-liberal candidates, enacting significant hikes in both taxes and spending, and increasing the number of public-sector — i.e., heavily unionized — jobs.



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