Gov McCrory Signs NC Up For “Workforce Academy”

Governor Common Core Rebrand has just entered North Carolina into another program created by a non-elected, publicly unaccountable entity. Funnily enough, one of the same non-elected, publicly unaccountable entities that brought us Common Core: The National Governors Association.

I spotted this announcement via email newsletter.
Hilariously, the main photo of that newsletter
was non sequitur with the topic as you can see (right).

The program is called the “Workforce Academy“. It’s more training our kids for a “21st century workforce” without ever defining what a 21st century workforce is. Color me not shocked.

Money is given to the state choosing to pick this academy up and with that money comes more strings making our state dance like a puppet. West Virginia is getting 10k. Kentucky is getting $170k. How much will North Carolina get? Oddly, McCrory’s press release didn’t say.

The NGA (National Governors Association) press release on this academy even quotes Governor McCrory.

Well, that figures right? Governor Pat’s a big whig at the National Governors Association now, remember?  He’s on the Executive Committee.  That’s funny. Not funny as in ‘ha-ha’. Funny as in, ‘what’s that smell?’

Why does McCrory’s committee seat stink?

On the most recent NCSPIN and in the news, Governor McCrory has been upset that the Legislature sets up committees and commissions to look into problems and come up with solutions, but the Governor seems to have no problem with other committees that he is involved with. Governor McCrory sits on such a ‘solution’ finding committee at the NGA. One that is unelected by the people and which has made decisions to push disasters like Common Core on us.

Some recent examples:

Governor McCrory didn’t raise objections when the Common Core replacement Commission was formed via SB 812. 

Governor McCrory, just this week, applauded the NC Commission on Workforce Development for their recent “Skills Gap Report and Recommendations”.  How come the Governor isn’t throwing a fit about it? Oh, that’s right — the Governor gets to appoint people to that one.

Let’s not forget the Teacher Advisory Committee. It’s o.k. when the Governor forms committees, just not the legislature.

Hypocritical much?
McCrory is a businessman.  He’s naturally focused on business, which is good. However, he is only focused on business, which is bad when you try to govern that way across the board. That addage, ‘when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail’, seems to fit pretty well here.

UPDATE: Looks like Operation Rebrand is not the only thing the Governor and State Superintendent have in “Common”.



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