Pearson Is Everywhere: FBI Seize LAUSD Docs On iPads

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In prior editions, we’ve covered the Los Angeles Unified School District’s mayhem with iPads loaded with Pearson Common Core curriculum and the contract shenanigans related to those iPads.
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Today, we’ve learned the FBI has seized documents related to these devices and are investigating the possibility of fraud in relation to the contracts.  This would not be the first time Pearson has been accused of contract shenanigans, as AIR has sued in New Mexico, alleging a contract there did not follow state rules for vendor competition.

AP via ABC News:

While it remained unclear exactly what aspect of the iPad project ? one of the biggest technological undertakings by an urban district in the U.S. ? the FBI was investigating, legal experts and education observers immediately focused on Deasy’s relationship with Apple and Pearson and the use of construction bond proceeds to spend money on a short-term device purchase.

Ariel Neuman, a former federal prosecutor, said the government is likely investigating possible fraud involving the contracts.

“If someone doesn’t disclose a relationship they have with Apple,” he said, “those could be material omissions that could lead to a wire or mail fraud case.”

More from Breitbart:

The improprieties at issue in this case were reported back in August when KPCC revealed that notes were going back and forth with Apple and software provider Pearson long before the tech contract was ultimately opened for competitive bidding.

The KPCC report found that “Deasy and his deputies communicated with Pearson employees over pricing, teacher training and technical support — specifications that later resembled the district’s request for proposals from vendors. Pearson and Apple emerged as the winning bidders and were awarded the now-abandoned contract in June 2013.”

L.A. schools Interim Superintendent Ramon Cortines stated that “The L.A Unified School District will offer its full cooperation to federal authorities during the course of the investigation.”

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