The Money For The Academic Standards Review Commission

There are a lot of people out there speculating on the funding to support the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC).  Some of the assumptions out there are muddied or incorrect.  To clarify the funding for this commission, we need to look at the history of SB 812.

The original version put forth placed funding as the responsibility of the Dept. of Administration (DOA) in section six of the bill.

SECTION 6.  There is appropriated from the General Fund to the Department of Administration the sum of two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) for the 2014‑2015 fiscal year to implement Section 2 of this act.

Edition 1 kept this DOA funding language in section 6.

Edition 2 moved the DOA funding language to section 7.

Edition 3 stripped the DOA funding language out completely.

Edition 4 says the General Assembly is not responsible for appropriating funds, but designates the Current Operations and Capital Improvements Appropriations Act of 2014 as the pot the money will come from:

SECTION 8.  Nothing in this act shall require the General Assembly to appropriate funds to implement it. Section 2 of this act becomes effective only if funds are appropriated by the Current Operations and Capital Improvements Appropriations Act of 2014 to support the work of the Academic Standards Commission.

Note: The Current Operations and Capital Improvements act 2014 does not mention the ASRC at all, but does allot $1,764,816 to the Dept. of Administration overall.  The Dept. of Administration falls under control of the Governor’s office.  That being said, it is becoming clear why this funding language was stripped out.

Edition 5 keeps the same wording as Edition 4 on the funding (section 8).

The final passed bill removed language about funding and Current Operations and Capital Improvements Appropriations Act of 2014. In fact, the final bill says nothing about where the money is supposed to come from at all beyond the Dept. of Administration providing meeting space and supplies.

Here is what the final bill says with regard to funding:

SECTION 2.(e)  To the extent that funds are available, the Commission may contract for professional, clerical, and consultant services. Professional and clerical staff positions for the Commission may be filled by persons whose services are loaned to the Commission to fulfill the work of the Commission.

SECTION 2.(f)  The Department of Administration shall provide meeting rooms, telephones, office space, equipment, and supplies to the Commission and shall be reimbursed from the Commission’s budget, to the extent that funds are available.

SECTION 2.(g)  To the extent that funds are available, the Commission members shall receive per diem, subsistence, and travel allowances in accordance with G.S. 138‑5, 138‑6, or 120‑3.1, as appropriate.

So, questions remain:

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