We Will Not Conform Event PostMortem

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A.P. Dillon / LadyLiberty1885 with Glenn Beck We Will Not Conform – July 22, 2014

I’m back from Dallas! The adrenaline that was pumping through me while I was participating in Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform has worn off and wow, am I wiped out! I met some amazing people and many other ‘mom warriors’ out there fighting Common Core.

Those participating included Michelle Malkin, David Barton, Matt Kibbe, Dana Loesch, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere, Kyle Olson, Katheen Jasper, Shane Vander Hart, Heather Crossin, Emmett McGroarty, Heidi Huber, Josh Breechan, Jenni White, Dr. Terrance Moore, Dr. Jay Spencer, Brian Glicklich, Becky Gerritson, and Ellen Wheeler.

What a whirlwind night it was. If you missed it the replay is July 29th! The event had five panels giving advice and sharing their experiences with fighting Common Core.  My panel was Messaging and public relations with Brian Glicklich, Becky Gerritson and Ellen Wheeler. It was really motivating and inspiring to see what they had been doing and what strategies we had that were working and which ones were not. We’ve got an action plan that contains the best of the best from the night. Keep reading!

We received a lot of feed back from the audience and continue to get more. My own email inbox has blown up with folks asking advice and wanting to get connected with other people in their area here in North Carolina. I’ve also heard from parents in other states across the country from me in California If you’ve written to me, tweeted to me or hit me on this blog’s Facebook page — I’m humbled and honored you reached out to me. Please be patient! I’ll get to you, I promise!


Becky Gerritson, Michelle Malkin and A.P. Dillon We Will Not Conform – July 22, 2014

Every panel had key action items they tried to get across. The teams were Research and Resources, Grassroots Activism, Politics, Alternative Schooling, Messaging and Public Relations. For my table, Messaging and Public Relations, we wanted to make sure the public had clear take-aways. Above all, we tried to emphasize the use of personal experience and avoid making any political statements. A big piece of the puzzle we covered with polling data that showed

Those key topics we covered were:

  • Know the Facts
  • Know your audience
  • Know your message
  • Know your opponent

FreedomWorks has the Action Plan: CommonCoreFails.com
Sign up for free and get access to the action plan, resources and an interactive map that gives details on Common Core legislation by state.

A.P. Dillon with Shane Vander Hart We Will Not Conform - July 22, 2014

A.P. Dillon with Shane Vander Hart
We Will Not Conform – July 22, 2014

For those who viewed the show from North Carolina, we are winning. Get on over to StopCommonCoreNC.org and get involved.  As I mentioned on We Will Not Conform, we have legislation to replace the Common Core signed by the Governor. What we need to do now is make sure the commission being set up has good people on it and that a rebrand isn’t slid in.

This also means watching every move the commission makes, which includes watching Dr. Atkinson, the NC State School Board and moves like this one by our Governor.

We should also watch for the Governor’s appointment to the commission. He gets one appointment and some say he will put Eric Guckian on board. Parents should protest this appointment, should it happen, as Mr. Guckian has clear conflicts of interest.IMG_2300

I hope people who attended realize that you are not alone.

Keep your foot on that gas pedal to stop Common Core, because the fight isn’t over yet.

A quick shot of the studio via @rc_kris on Twitter:

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About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips: APDillon@Protonmail.com
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  5. topassistant says:

    Great job! Loved the program. How can we use the ENCORE PRESENTATION JULY 29 to help organize North Carolina into a more effective unit? http://wewillnotconform.com


    • My suggestion would be to hit the theater showing it near you. Bring a clip board so you can try to get names and emails of people who show up and want to get involved. Start a group! We have a toolkit for citizens on the front page of StopCommonCoreNC.org – download and print ’em out!


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  9. Liberty Speaks says:

    Here in Albuquerque at just one of the three theaters showing #WeWillNotConform the room was three quarters full. At the end when Glenn Beck asked people to stand up if they were apart of a #StopCommonCore group or the leader of one about 20 people stood up. It is incredibly encouraging to see the passion of these individuals, and to know that they are from all spectrum’s of the political landscape. They are Parents, Grand Parents, Teachers, and Administrators. No Left or Right, but united to Fight Common Core!!!!!


  10. You did a great job representing all your NC warriors! But I fear the fight has just begun. Just because something is the law doesn’t mean the law is enforced. How’s that teaching cursive coming along? When my husband when to renew his CCP, Craven County still had all the old rules about how you could lose your CCP, even though that law was passed in October. We are fighting an uphill battle in Craven with the Bd. of Education. The problem as I see it is that most of the elected officials believe they are now our masters and most of the voters don’t really mind.


  11. LMT says:

    Congratulations & well done.


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