NC Ed Officials Pushing Rebrand Of #CommonCore

Fighters of the Common Core in North Carolina, be warned. Some state officials and education officials are promoting the idea of a rebrand. Two North Carolina education officials have made statements implying that the repeal/replace commission set up in the Common Core bill (SB 812) will just be going through the motions and ‘tweaking’ Common Core.

 “I don’t anticipate a huge change in standards…I think there may just be some tweaking of the [Common Core] standards,” Markley noted in an interview Tuesday. – Port City Daily 7/23/14


Further down:

“There were other issues rolled into it, like Race to the Top, which required some federal funding…and testing was ramped up at the same time, so it created some angst,” he said. “And I think some were concerned with…the loss of local control in education.”
– Dr. Tim Markley, New Hanover Schools via Port City Daily 7/23/14

Loss of local control. Keeping parts of a copyrighted set of standards that are controlled by two unelected and unaccountable D.C. trade groups would continue to support a local loss of control.
NC citizens did not have input into the adoption of these standards and SB 812 represents the rejection of them.  Our state officials, with these statements, are in effect trying to mute the voice of the people.
Don’t let them.

Government here to help common core

Get involved! Submit candidates for the commission to Sen. Phil Berger and Speaker Thom Tillis. Make sure the public’s interest on getting rid of Common Core is well represented! Don’t stop there though, when the commission is appointed we need to be watching them like a hawk.

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  1. LMT says:

    At the “We Will Not Conform” event I attended in Salisbury, NC, I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who has a daughter currently employed in a key education position. The daughter has been repeatedly told ‘there is no Common Core in NC’ so much that she is totally convinced there isn’t anything Common Core!


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