NC Policy Watch’s Incorrect Core Conclusions

Lindsay Wagner over at NC Policy Watch keeps trying on Common Core and can’t seem to get it straight. The most recent article, Sen. Jerry Tillman: “The timing is right” to repeal Common Core (w/ video), has some great clips of Senator Tillman telling it like it is, but Wagner’s conclusions are off.


Here is what I mean about “off”.

“State lawmakers are coming close to passing legislation that would aim to repeal the Common Core standards, although the language in the bill currently would allow for a review commission to recommend keeping parts of the Common Core standards in place, if they so choose.”

They can re-write the standards they might like, but they cannot pick and choose directly. This is due to the Common Core’s own copyright and terms of use, which has largely been poo-pooed by Supporters as ‘no big deal’ and pointed to by opposition as proof states are beholden to two D.C. trade groups to dictate standards them. The opposition is correct in that assessment and those D.C. trade groups (CCSSO and NGA) possibly are about to be hoist by their own copyright petard.  Read the copyright and public license.

“The NGA Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) hereby grant a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, publish, distribute, and display the Common Core State Standards for purposes that support the Common Core State Standards Initiative. These uses may involve the Common Core State Standards as a whole or selected excerpts or portions.”

Arguably, with the removal of Common Core from the state’s statutes, North Carolina will no longer be supporting the Common Core State Standards Initiative. The standards would need to be re-written.

By the way, Wagner makes no mention of McCrory’s pro-Core statements or that of his Common Core tied Education Aide, Eric Guckian. She doesn’t mention McCrory’s appointment to the Executive Committee of the NGA either.

The next excerpt is misleading and seemingly is insinuating that this commission will be packed with elected officials or pals of those doing the appointing:

While Tillman’s legislation creates a review commission to recommend new standards for adoption that may or may not include the Common Core, keep in mind that the commission members would mostly be political appointees of Sen. Phil Berger, Speaker Thom Tillis, and Gov. Pat McCrory. 

Folks, read the bill. Elected officials are barred from serving – that’s a good thing. Instead, parents, teachers, retired teachers, subject experts in Math and English language arts are the suggested considerations.  The State Board of Education gets two spots as well. Is Wagner is trying to say that politicians are doing the appointing with no input or suggestions being given to them or that these will be politically tied appointees?  Personally, I think Wagner knows better and this was a shock paragraph to elicit outrage because… Education! Attack! Circle the Wagons! Another Moral Monday theme is born! 

Consider the scrutiny that will come about who is placed on this commission. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think those doing the appointing aren’t aware of that.  Wagner’s wrap-up statement of how the commission will be “stacked up” is a valid one, but her article fails to mention the influence of the Department of Public Instruction and that they will try to load the commission with Pro-Core people; likely the same people who were modeling North Carolina’s standards after the Common Core just prior to our state adopting the Common Core. This will be Atkinson’s attempt at a re-brand.

Since Wagner chopped up the video to suit her article, here’s the whole thing so we can see the remarks in context:

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