NJ’s Governor Moving On Common Core

Common Core backlash has hit New Jersey.
At the recent National Governors Association (NGA) meeting in Tennessee, Governor Chris Christie made statements that he intends to issue an executive order on Common Core at some point this week.  While Christie didn’t go into specifics on the order, he did say this:

Christie told the Associated Press that public skepticism about the standards can be traced to a general distrust of the federal government.

He said voters, “given the lack of confidence they have in government in Washington and that type of centralization, want their governors” to figure out solutions that work for their states.

Source -NJ.com, Chris Christie Plans To Issue Executive Order On Common Core This Week

Archer Lose the RepublicansNews outlets are reporting that Common Core was a ‘touchy subject‘ at the NGA meeting. That’s ironic since the NGA is one of the two D.C. based trade groups who helped create Common Core.  Read More about the NGA, CCSSO and Achieve, Inc. here.

Houston to NGA and CCSSO, you’re losing the Republicans.

Governor McCrory, are you paying attention now?

Another line caught my eye in the NJ.com article.  It was from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and I found it kind of funny:

“My problem with Common Core is I don’t want people outside Wisconsin telling us what our standards should be,” Walker said.

For those who don’t know why this is funny, you should know that Scott Walker’s education adviser was Common Core pushing  Michael Brickman of the Fordham Institute.

The Blaze had this quote in their article on the NGA meeting:

“The fact that the tea party sees that as a conspiracy is a symptom of their larger problems,” said Shumlin, who leads the Democratic Governors Association. – The BlazeRadioactive’ Common Core Controversy Doesn’t Make the Cut for U.S. Governors’ Agenda


Don’t say I didn’t warn you — being called a racist for opposing Common Core is coming.

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