Common Core Opposition Should Expect To Openly Be Called Racists

In the last year, the level of hostility displayed towards parents, students and teachers who oppose Common Core has increased. Opposition went from being called misguided and misinformed to being called liars and F**ktards.  Elected officials seem to have been some of the worst offenders in some places.

Even Arne ArneDuncan war on moms memeDuncan has gotten in on the action with his arguably racist and #waronwomen attack on ‘White Suburban Moms‘.

Meanwhile, ‘experts‘ used their employers websites to openly mock those who disagree with them.  Supporters have even had opposition arrested in order to silence them.

In the last month or so, we’ve seen the supporters up the ante and start using the term ‘politicize‘ and phrases like, ‘if you don’t support Common Core you are against this White House and President’. Arne Ducan is on board this train, you better believe it. The supporters have just stopped short of calling opposition racists. Well, I expect that will change pretty soon. At any rate, these are all examples of what I call Shutuppery and it won’t be ending anytime soon.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but I see the signal for it in this Daily Caller article, Common Core Backers Regret Obama’s Involvement.  I made the comment on the article that I didn’t think the casual reader was seeing the groundwork being laid in the quotes. They’re giving the nod to attack their own.

Maybe I’m making more of it than what’s there, but I’ve seen this set up before. Stop me if you’ve seen this movie before:

That's racistPoor Obama administration.
They had nothing to do with it.
Someone forced them to fund Race to the Top with Stimulus funds in order to get states to bite on the hook willingly.
Those mean Conservatives and Tea Party people. It’s all their fault.

Sigh. I knew you’d seen that movie before. Now read the two sections that jumped out at me below; Setting the stage for the movie above.

Daily Caller Excerpts:

Petrilli said that those closely involved with the standards’ creation failed to anticipate that federal sponsorship would make Common Core look like an undertaking of the Obama administration.

“Our belief was, ‘Well, look, the feds had nothing to do with the creation of the standards. You didn’t have federal officials writing the math or English standards…But that distinction in the end hasn’t mattered to a lot of conservatives…and so that was a huge mistake,” he said.


Cheryl Oldham, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Education and the Workforce, which also backs Common Core, agrees that Race to the Top has proven to be a tactical blunder.

It’s a case of no good deed goes unpunished,” she told TheDCNF. “[Race to the Top] is the easiest thing for the opposition to point back to now.” She said in her view the monetary incentive were a genuine effort to promote a bipartisan goal, but the polarizing nature of the Obama Administration has instead turned the incentive into a powerful repellent.


Gee. The Common Core supporters sure are regretting the day they allowed Race To The Top to be involved. So much so, that they haven’t learned their lesson and they are ignoring  the Obama administration is still supporting Common Core by attempting to make it permanent with their proposed education budget.  Have fun spinning that one.

Some final thoughts from me on this:

Keep expressing your concerns. You know what bothers you and your child is worth this fight.  They’re demonizing opposition without addressing our concerns, that alone is validation of your worries.



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