Duncan Plays His Last Card: Politicizing

Over the course of the last few months, proponents of Common Core have accused the opposition of ‘playing politics’, turning Common Core into a ‘political football’ , ‘being against this White House’ and being ‘against this President’.

All of this falls under the umbrella of politicizing the debate. This politicizing the debate on education is nothing more than a tactic employed to silence opposition. It’s the last card played in this debate and others. It means the other side is desperate; they can’t defend the standards. It means proponents are losing the messaging war. It’s shutuppery.

It means we’re winning.

White Suburban Politican Arne Duncan just flopped down the politicizing card.

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan sternly admonished Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin for signing a bill to repeal the controversial Common Core education standards in her state.

Both Indiana and South Carolina have also opted out of the state standards backed by the Obama administration after initially adopting them. But Duncan’s fire was aimed at Fallin, the chairwoman of the National Governors Association, the organization that helped develop the standards.

“The Oklahoma example is a pretty interesting one,” Duncan said during a White House press briefing Monday. “Let me give you a couple of facts. I think sadly, this is not about education. This is about politics.” – The Blaze 

Dear Mr. Duncan, Common Core may have started out as an idea to improve education but it has turned into little more than a method of tagging kids like rats while a host of vendors, test makers and computer company billionaires make money off the data our children provide.

Duncan continued:

“Other states are out educating Oklahoma,” Duncan continued. “In fact, just a couple of months ago, this is what Gov. Fallin said about higher standards. She said the standards, and I quote ‘outline what students need to be college and career ready.’ I want to be really clear, this is Gov. Fallin.”

He continued to read Fallin’s quote: “Common Core is not a federal program. It is driven and implemented by those states that choose to participate. Its also not a federal curriculum. In fact, it’s not a curriculum at all.

Local educators and school districts will still design and choose the best lesson plans and choose appropriate text books and drive learning.”

Then Duncan asked, “What changed? Politics changed.”

What changed was politics?
Yes  – her bias and politics as a proponent were the cause.
No – For the opposition, this is about our kids. For proponents, however they started down this road, this is now about control, money and yes, politics.

What changed was Fallin being called out as biased and invested in Common Core as the Chair of one of the two D.C. trade groups holding the copyright on the standards, the National Association of Governors (NGA). There’s your politics.

What changed is that parents are having to fight for their child’s education future with legislators in the pockets of the Chamber of Commerce. There’s your politics.

What changed was the truth about a fundamentally flawed experiment bought and paid for by a collection of rich business people got out. There’s your politics.

What changed was the enormous public outcry, the emails, the petitions, the tidal wave of documentation that the standards are flawed, the testimony of teachers and parents, the moms out there who would make any hardened Marine proud because they DID NOT QUIT.

We’re not quitting in NC either.

Sign the Petition – Tell Gov. McCrory to Stop Common Core.

I am a mom hurricane

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