Occupy Monday 6/2/14 Edition

It’s Monday again. Time to Occupy.

Today’s performance: Environmental and Health Justice

Well, they marched. This time the prop was a collection of letters they shoved into the doors of the legislature.

Well, 30 of the occupiers headed inside the legislature to protest according to the official Occupy Monday news outlet, WRAL.

The Occupy Monday News said that 13 stayed inside and when the building closed were told to leave.  For some reason WRAL doesn’t say they were arrested for trespassing when they refused to leave, instead they use the language “cited” for trespassing:

“The 13 protesters who remained after a State Capitol Police officer advised the group at 5:07 p.m. that the building was closed and were asked to leave were taken into custody, cited for trespassing and released about two hours later.” – WRAL

 ABC11 clarifies what WRAL won’t:

Eleven protesters were camped out at the governor’s office less than a week after pulling a similar move at the office of State House Speaker Thom Tillis. Just after 6:45 p.m., some of those protesters were seen being taken out in handcuffs. ABC11’s Angelica Alvarez says the protesters taken out so far were not arrested, but were handed citations for second-degree trespassing. – ABC 11

Let’s head to Twitter….

And of course, environment so Greenpeace is there …

  Crowd looking pretty sparse this time.   


No biggest crowd ever claim this time? 100’s? Maybe 100, singular.



Is no one insulted by the use of the Bible for this liberal agenda circus? Shameful.

  Well spotted Bob!

And the pot banging, ear bleed inducing Grannies were there.

Of course, protesting for health, but not for the unborn’s health… Planned Parenthood.


And a few of my own and some from friends to round it out…

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