Stotky’s Common Core Post Blocked By Facebook

This morning, I spotted the  news that Facebook was blocking a specific article by Sandra Stotsky. Stotsky was on the Common Core Validation committee and refused to sign off on the standards. The article is up on and appears to be blocked based on it’s content by Facebook. I was able to post a different story to Facebook from Breitbart with NO problem.

Gee, that would mean that a group of folks reported the link as dangerous and Facebook locked it down. Yes, I concur with the title of Missouri Education Watchdog’s article on this turn of events: We must be winning if this is what proponents are resorting to.
Missouri Education Watchdog sounded off:

stotsky facebook

Dr. Sandra Stotsky refused to sign off on the ELA Common Core Standards.  She published a plan (in Breitbart) for school districts to stop CCSS implementation in their districts.  When folks tried to share it on Facebook, the above notice appeared.

Here is the plan published in Local School Districts Should Eliminate Common Core and Adopt Stronger Standards:

To my readers, here is your mission: FIGHT BACK.

1. Attempt to post this link to your page:

2. The pop-up you see in the MO Ed Watchdog article will come up.

3. Click the link at the bottom that says “let us know”.

4. Give Facebook a piece of your mind.



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  1. Yep, I just tried to post the link and got the “IT’S BLOCKED” message. I fire off a comment to the FB Nazis!


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