#OccupyFail: Adventures in Capitalism at Rent-A-Gent

Remember Harrison Schultz? The Occupy Wall Street mouthpiece who got owned on the Hannity Show? Here’s a refresher:

“The problem here is capitalism. That’s what needs to change.”

And so it has, as Schultz is now available for hire at “RentAGent“.  Ladies with an eye out for that edgy anarchist type can shell out $200 bucks for the honor of spending time with “The Revolutionary”.   Schultz’s profile offers a variety of selfies to satisfy everyone – including a shirtless shot.  I apologize for that last link.

More spit-take inducing details:

On Rent a Gent, Schulz tallies his talents as such: “I am a true sapio-sexual intellectual-activist. Currently finishing my Phd and writing a dissertation on erotic arts, I am an expert in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and erotic hypnosis. Or you can just eat sushi off of my body, up to you.”

One user has reviewed Schultz on the site. “His lifestyle is different and interesting,” someone with the username “Marinachka” wrote. “I’d like to meet him in person and bring him to one of the many finance parties I get invited to. I am sure he would drive some people nuts, which would be fun to watch.”

According to Marinachka, Schultz is a “hot and seductive activist.” We’re not sure if that’s the best kind, but we wish Schultz success all the same.  – Vanity Fair

In Other Occupy News:

Video shown in the courtroom revealed Cecily McMillan clocking Police Officer Grantley Bovell in the face on March 18, 2012 after he told the protester to leave Zuccotti Park. McMillan is on trial for the alleged assault, and could face up to 7 years in prison if convicted. – NY Daily News

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