Occupy Monday – Tennessee Edition

North Carolina’s Far Left protest movement has cropped up again. I’ve previously documented Moral Monday in Chicago, Wisconsin, New York, Florida and Georgia. We’ve even seen a Moral Monday protester selected to fill the late Senator Nesbitt’s seat at the North Carolina General Assembly. This time we’re seeing it in neighboring Tennessee.

From The Tennessean, emphasis added:

Activists representing unions, a student group and other left-leaning organizations launched a new protest movement Monday evening with a rally inside the state Capitol.

About 60 protestors gathered for the first of what could become a series of events meant to fire up liberal voters ahead of the fall elections and keep them energized afterward. Calling their event a “Moral Monday” — a reference to much larger protests that began in in the North Carolina Capitol last year — the group pressed for stronger labor representation, the repeal of new voter identification requirements and the expansion of TennCare, the state’s Medicaid program.

“This is what? Our house,” organizer Justin Jones said, leading the group in a call-and-response. “They’re scared of us.”

State police, lobbyists and other bystanders looked on as the group protested for about an hour outside the closed doors of the state Senate and House of Representatives. The protest did not disrupt proceedings in either chamber, and the group appeared to disperse peacefully without any arrests.

The group included a few ministers, several activists from the United Auto Workers and representatives from organizations such as Jobs for Justice and Tennessee Citizen Action. Jones, a freshman at Fisk University, was one of a handful of students who attended.

So, Occupy style chants, more complaining about Voter ID and Medicaid, Far Left liberal groups and Unions again.  Basically calls for more big Government in our lives.

I see “Jobs for Justice” in there too. Here’s the East Tennessee website. Jobs with Justice is a union front group pushing for minimum wage increases. See what they’ve been up to in North Carolina: Occupy 2.0: NC’s Triangle Jobs For Justice

About Justin Jones

The Tennessean article quotes “organizer Justin Jones”.  Justin Jones likes to travel it seems, as he was also an “organizer” in California at a rally over the George Zimmerman acquittal in July 2013.  Jones is apparently an Oakland, California native. He’s perhaps at Fisk University because according to the ‘U.S. Peace Index’, it’s one of the “5 most violent states“.

From San Francisco Gate:

The July 20 rally in front of the federal courthouse in Oakland had been peaceful, in contrast to other protests in the city over George Zimmerman’s acquittal on murder charges in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Then Mayor Jean Quan began speaking, and the energy shifted.

Hecklers drowned her out, and unease spread through the crowd of several hundred people. It seemed possible that another Oakland demonstration would spin out of control. Speakers calmed the crowd, but it wasn’t until a young organizer named Justin Jones, dressed as if he was headed for a school function, jumped onto the makeshift stage that the rally’s peaceful passion returned.

Jones, 17 – the same age as Trayvon Martin – led the crowd in singing “We Shall Overcome.” The rally carried on, and the day ended with no confrontations with police and no windows smashed.

Jones worked the demonstration like a lifelong activist that day, talking to each heckler to keep the peace and shaking hands with people in the crowd. Few realized it was the first time Jones had organized something of its kind.

It won’t be the last, said Jones, who just graduated from Hercules High School and is planning to start at Fisk University next month.

Jones apparently is smart enough to get into a University but unable to get a driver’s license, passports, gun permit or other photo ID. Really? He’s very good at singing, however:

Rep. G.A. Hardaway, D-Memphis, tried to amend a bill he presented in the House subcommittee Wednesday to allow valid student ID cards. Fisk University student Justin Jones told the subcommittee he has registered to vote in Tennessee but has no driver’s license, passport, gun-carry permit or other photo ID required under the law for voting. He asked that his Fisk photo ID, and others issued by Tennessee colleges, be allowed.

The panel killed the amendment but voted to send the issue to a state research agency for study and a report to lawmakers in 2015, which Hardaway agreed to. But when Carr called up the next bill, the students began singing. – KnoxBlogs.com



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