@NewsObserver Pens Cherry Picking, Outlandish Op-Ed Attacking Common Core Opposition

Media bias is so fun, especially from an anonymously penned Op-ed the News and Obscurer Observer. The media in NC is no friend to those opposing Common Core. At every public forum, you’re going to get a few speakers who are not representative of the whole, however their concerns shouldn’t be cherry-picked and mocked as they are in this Op-Ed. Right now, N&O has this smear job nonsense up:

Common Core opponents hurt their credibility with outlandish claims

It opens with:

Really? The Common Core State Standards for public schools will lead children and the nation toward communism? The standards promote abortion and feminism?

Go ahead, read the rest. It’s short, but my response won’t be. See below.

Dear News and Observer,

I was there. I read a statement in opposition. In fact, of the 60 speakers who took the time out of their day to come and speak, 40 opposed. That’s a ration of 2-1 in OPPOSITION. No where in any of the articles on that meeting have you mentioned that fact. But please, feel free to mock those who voiced their concerns while you pile on the smears in an anonymous Op-Ed rife with talking points ripped from the Common Core Standards site.  Let’s dissect this outlandish op-ed, shall we? I’ve gone point by point.

After the opening the next section reads:

The standards encourage rigorous thought on more complicated subjects at earlier ages. And the common standards are designed to make it possible for states to be able to compare the progress of their students with that of students in other parts of the country.

No and no.  They are not more rigorous at earlier ages, they are developmentally and age inappropriate. The claim they are for measuring progress from state to state is laughable. How do you measure the same standards with the same stick and really get anywhere?


Common Core sets a higher bar, and given the global nature of the economy and the competition that is now world-wide, that is a good thing.

No. There is no higher bar in Common Core — even the people who put together the Standards say so, like Jason Zimba. Perhaps you should read through what the former Validation Committee members have to say about the Math and ELA standards being sub-par to the best state standards. So you can’t claim ignorance, here you go:

  1. How Common Core’s ELA Standards Put College Readiness at Risk
  2. Lowering the Bar: How Common Core Math Fails To Prepare High School Students For STEM


It is not, contrary to what some of the most vocal opponents said at a recent legislative hearing, some kind of evil conspiracy. The hearing was connected to a review by some lawmakers of Common Core. If they find some objections valid, they could change standards or abandon Common Core altogether.

Evil conspiracy? Translated: These people are not to be listened to. They need to shut up.  The writer of this Op-ed clearly wants opposition painted as a bunch of loons. We’re not. We’re moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, sisters and brothers. We know what we see, but keep telling us to shut up. Let us know how that works out for you.


Opponents speak of Common Core as if it were some kind of plot hatched in Washington. Some of these opponents would fit right in with the tea party conspiracy theorists who likely believe that it is all connected to President Obama.

But Common Core came about because of governors. Governors. These are the people who know the strengths and shortcomings of their states’ educational systems best and recognize that those systems must be ever-improving. That’s one reason Common Core’s strongest supporter is former North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt, surely the foremost education governor of his generation.

Um… N&O? It was hatched in Washington. In case you didn’t know – which apparently you don’t – the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) are Washington, D.C. trade organizations.  They, along with Achieve, Inc., created the copyrighted Standards — and no, they aren’t state led either. You need to do your homework.

Oh look, and look — another attempt to smear opposition as a Tea party movement. Trying to smear moms and dads from all political ideologies in this manner is not going to have the effect desired. In fact, it is unifying the opposition even more. Don’t take my word for it, ask Diane Ravitch.

The reason the strongest supporter is Jim Hunt is because he was involved in its evolution and his Hunt Institute has received millions from the Gates Foundation to promote Common Core. Hate to break it to you, but Hunt has been on board since day one.


It’s perfectly fine for lawmakers to have civilized back-and-forth about Common Core. It’s also OK for people to object to it based on their views of education. But there is nothing constructive to come from wasting time with hard-core ideologues who are not interested in any views except their own.

Our lawmakers have had a very civil back and forth, the idea they haven’t is nonsense.  There is nothing constructive from an Op-Ed in the local paper attempting to paint opposition as a bunch of crazies. The only ideologue I see is the one who wrote this piece of Arne Duncan-shutuppery style propaganda.

I dare you to reprint what I just wrote — Verbatim.


LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

P.S. Just so we’re clear here — We’re not going to shut up, back down or go away.

ArneDuncan war on moms meme


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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  3. geek49203 says:

    I think I’ve heard all of the claims of future greatness currently made by Common Core. I’m the guy who, as a kid, grew up with “open concept schools” teaching “new math” in newly consolidated schools. So I instinctively doubt any reformist program, whether from the Left or from the Right, and certainly from “on high”.


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