Occupy Monday Spreads Again – Chicago

Occupy Monday has shown up in Chicago. Not surprising, since it’s already been there before. Remember the Moral Monday Coalition?

This time, it’s not about budgets but has a connection to the Enloe/Wake County Schools lawsuit brought by various members of BlueprintNC’s ‘slam, cripple and eviscerate‘ coalition and NC HEAT.  For this group in Chicago, it’s about the “school to prison pipeline” and that school discipline is racist. See below:

WASHINGTON – March 24 – Students, parents, faith leaders, and community groups from the “Campaign for Common Sense Discipline” ignite “Moral Monday” movement in Chicago with Faith Leaders addressing the moral failure of school discipline policies, responding to newly released federal civil rights data, and releasing fresh analysis of CPS/Illinois data on school discipline.

TODAY, Monday, March 24, 2014 at 5pm, community and faith leaders will gather at First United Methodist Church, 77 W. Washington, Chicago, Illinois for a rally and press conference. At the press conference, local faith leaders from diverse traditions such as Pastor Ron Taylor, Rabbi Joshua Selter, Imam Gemali Ibrahim, as well as parents, students, and community members from VOYCE, Community Renewal Society, Community Organizing on Family Issues, United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations, and more will come together to call attention to the moral failure of assigning our children to a system designed with prison in mind, and issue a call to action for our city and state to meet their moral obligation to educate children instead of incarcerating them.

“By bringing Moral Mondays to Chicago we are taking a stand to do what’s morally right for young people like myself,” said Mariama Bangura, a current CPS student and refugee from Ivory Coast who was arrested in school when she was 16. “Adjusting to life in the U.S. was very hard for me. Having been arrested in school I know first-hand how an arrest impacts a student’s life forever. Our system can and must do much better.”

Here is just a little bit about the people behind this mentioned above.

Pastor Ron Taylor is with Disciples For Christ Church, which doesn’t have a website that I could find but did have a Google Plus page?  He’s on board with the tagline used by NC HEAT:  Pastor Ron Taylor, of the Disciples for Christ Evangelistic Ministries, called for CPS to “break the schoolhouse-to-jailhouse pipeline.”  – DNAinfo Chicago


Here’s that NC HEAT ‘school-to-prison’ tagline I previously reported on; they are pretty much the same:

The website for NC HEAT hangs off of a wordpress site called “Wake Youth“. Blazing across the top, is the header,  ”Youth Organizing Institute” with a sub-header of “STOP RACISM & SCHOOL RE-SEGREGATION, CHALLENGE THE SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE, AND MAKE SCHOOLS SAFE FOR LBGTQ YOUTH”.


Rabbi Joshua Selter brought up little to nothing in a search, other than Google suggesting the last name was Salter, not Selter. That makes sense if you look at Rabbi Joshua Salter’s LinkedIn. If that spelling is indeed correct, he’s also a community organizer with the Southwest Organizing Project.  Read their mission statement.

Imam Gemali Ibrahim is a community organizer with Inner City Muslim Action Network. Their site describes them as “The Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) is a community-based nonprofit that works for social justice, delivers a range of direct services, and cultivates the arts in urban communities.


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