Buncombe School Board Backs Out Of Common Core Forum

Oppose Common Core? Buncombe’s school board doesn’t want to hear it. The board had previously made a deal to hear public comment on the issue, but to date hasn’t made good on that front.

That, is shutuppery. Parents in Buncombe county have the right to be heard. They should contact Chairman Rhinehart and ask this forum be scheduled post-haste. Via Buncombe Board member Lisa Baldwin, who has pushed to hold such public comment:

School Board Chair Backs Out on Deal to Hold Common Core Forum
In December I gave up my resolution asking the State Legislature for clarification on the Common Core Standards. In its place Chairman Rhinehart offered to hold a Common Core forum or work session the first of this year. The session would have featured information on the CCS and curriculum along with teachers’ perspectives. Board Chair Rhinehart never scheduled the forum, and in spite of my reminders, said in February that we didn’t need to have it because views on the Common Core Standards were too divided and “there was nothing we could do to change the standards”. Buncombe has decided not to offer high school Algebra I, II and Geometry although the standards allow itInstead an integrated approach will be taught that does not prepare students for  a four year university education. The Board has heard public comment from concerned parents and citizens for months and has not acted on those CCS concerns.

For more information on Common Core visit StopCommonCoreNC.org. Related articles to STEM:

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