@WRAL’s Hard Hitting #Obamacare Navigator Investigation

Last night while browsing the local news, I was treated to WRAL’s hard-hitting Obamacare navigator investigation.

Yeah. Hard hitting promotion investigating. UPDATE: Daily Caller is also reporting on this bizarre episode at WRAL.

Here is who is getting money in NC with regards to Obamacare navigators (below). I have yet to find any outlet looking into them. With one in three people saying Obamacare has hurt them personally, you might think local media would dig into this? Nope.

Randolph Hospital, Inc.
Grant Amount: $352,320
Randolph Hospital, Inc., will use Navigator funds to serve a three county area in North Carolina. Randolph Hospital plans on targeting specific geographic regions with high uninsured populations, and working with community organizations in those areas to leverage resources and reach the most people. Additionally, Randolph Hospital will work with hospital financial counselors that already work with uninsured hospital patients to inform those patients of their coverage options.
Web: http://www.randolphhospital.org

Mountain Projects, Inc.
Grant Amount: $359,750
Mountain Projects, Inc. is a non-profit Community Action Agency serving Haywood and Jackson counties in North Carolina. Mountain Projects plans on providing Navigator services to the seven western-most rural counties of North Carolina, including Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Swain, Graham, Clay, and Cherokee. They will leverage existing relationships in these rural communities with the goal of educating the uninsured and facilitating access to the new insurance options now available.
Web: http://www.mountainprojects.org

North Carolina Community Care Networks
Grant Amount: $1,988,428
North Carolina Community Care Networks, Inc. are consortia that total more than 100 organizations who will work to inform consumers statewide, with particular focus in areas where there is a higher concentration of uninsured. These networks will be serving to reach out, inform, educate and help enroll North Carolinians, and include organizations in the legal rights, faith-based, agricultural, and aging communities.
Web: http://www.communitycarenc.org

Alcohol/Drug Council of NC
Grant Amount: $324,798
The Alcohol/Drug Council of North Carolina plans on using Navigator grant funds to establish Project Jumpstart, implemented by a consortium formed to provide specialized navigation services to people in recovery from mental illness and/or substance abuse. A majority of people working on Project Jumpstart will have personal experience with mental illness, an addictive disorder, and/or a chronic disease, and will draw on these experiences to reach out to and help enroll this target population in new coverage options.
Web: http://alcoholdrughelp.org/

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