#SOTU Recap 2014

I’ve covered all 5 previous State of the Unions by this President. I just couldn’t bring myself to cover this one, so I am relying on my favorite source to provide the commentary here. I’ll update a bit in the morning, these were the links that hit right after the speech.

Stephen Green, a.k.a Vodkapundit, did his usual drunk blogging: Drunkblogging the State of the Union. My favorite bits were:

“America will always be at [Israel’s] side.”

Maybe sometimes with a shiv, but still.


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to War on Women II.

VodkaPundit isn’t kidding about that last one. You watch. He will revive the War on Women: Obama to put women’s issues ‘front and center’ in address

IJ Review’s imagery is almost a summary of the whole thing:


HOT AIR: Open thread: Still three more of these to go, America, if you can believe it

INSTAPUNDIT: (LINKRON FOURNIER ON THE STATE OF THE UNION: “Is that all there is?” There’s never been much there, Ron. And Clint’s empty-chair monologue continues to resonate.

DOUG ROSS: BUNKO: The Hilarious State of the Union Bingo Game That’s Fun for the Whole Family! #SOTU

DAILY CALLER: Obama offers himself as the cure for the Obama economy

WEEKLY STANDARD: Biden Asks for $3 After State of the Union

TWITCHY: Oh dear: Is this the most unsettling part of President ShamWow’s SOTU speech?  Also: At State of the Union, Congress applauds president’s vow to bypass Congress

TOWNHALL: Five Ironic and Hypocritical Statements From Obama’s SOTU

WEASEL ZIPPERS: As Obama Pushes Global Warming In SOTU Tonight, Florida Is Covered With Snow…

CNS: FACT CHECK: Less than meets eye in Obama speech

ANCHORESS: Watching SOTU? Couple things to Keep in Mind

THE BLAZE: Here’s the Biggest Standing Ovation of the Night – and It Wasn’t for Obama Also: Obama to Act ‘Wherever and Whenever’ He Can ‘Without Legislation’

BREITBART: Immigration Less Than Two Percent of Obama’s State of the Union Speech


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