#Ricin Letters Update: James Dutschke Attorneys Withdraw from Case

Attorney’s for James Everett Dutschke have withdrawn from his case and further responsibility citing an unspecified conflict:

“ … a conflict has become apparent with another client of this office which will require that a different attorney by appointed,”

“The Government has been contacted and has no objection.”

Federal Public Defenders George L. Lucas and Gregory S. Park will no longer be representing Mr. Dutschke and new counsel Kenneth H. Coghlan was appointed by U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock.

There is no further information out of the office’s of Lucas and Park on who this client may be, nor is it clear on how this change in counsel will affect the upcoming hearing on October 7.  Dutschke has plead not guilty to the 5 counts he is facing and remains in the Lafayette County jail without bond.

Updates to follow

09/14/13:  Attorney for James Everett Dutschke asks for trial delay

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